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Canecto is the easy to use, patented software that employs cutting edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to understand how visitors interact with your website’s content. Not only that, Canecto reveals the exact steps you must take to …

Make intimate connections with your website’s visitors and increase engagement, conversions and sales.

At last, no more puzzling over complicated analytics or tracking meaningless scrolling and clicking data.

Don’t do analytics. Canecto provides you with everything you need to optimise your website based on “learned” behaviour and actual visitor interaction with your content.





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If you’ve ever tried to get an accurate picture of how visitors REALLY behave when they visit your website, you’ll know:

  • Website analytics are incredibly complicated and at best leave you with a mass of data to analyse, interpret and act on.
  • Tracking clicks and scrolling behaviour doesn’t give you an accurate picture of how website visitors actually interact with your website’s content.
  • It all takes too long and it’s too hard – in the end you probably just give up.

If only there was an easy way to understand exactly what you need to change to make laser-focused connections with your website’s visitors.


Canecto and AI make website analytics easy

Focus on what’s important: Canecto software tells you exactly which pages you need to improve, and the elements on the pages you need to change to ensure your website performs at its best.

Designed for you, not for experts: No more frustration trying to understand how analysis tools work and puzzling over how to interpret complicated data.

Out of the box recommendations: With Canecto, you get a simple overview of what you need to do next to help your website connect intimately with your audience.

Advanced AI, machine learning and visitor interaction

The key to Canecto’s success is the cutting edge, patented technology humming away under the covers.

Advanced AI: Canecto uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse how your users interact with your website’s content.

Content interaction: Understanding your user’s journey when they visit your website is the best foundation for making your site more relevant, targeted and optimised.

User patterns: Learned patterns of user behaviour inform our analysis and recommendations, and ensure you deliver what your users care about most.

Made for you

  • Per, 199degress.com

    Canecto showed us where to make an effort. All we had to do is was to select where to start and we were set to go..
  • Michael, Rask.dk

    Canecto has removed the complexity of analytics by offering us detailed and practical recommendations
  • Louise, Studio MINI

    Canecto gives you the insights into your content – text, images, and video – in a completely new way.

Anyone can use Canecto: Our software wasn’t developed for web analytics experts (although they use it too). Canecto is for anyone who wants to make ongoing improvements to their website(s) to maximise close visitor connections.

Simple solution: We believe results are more valuable than the analysis process, and our solution should be simple to use. Our algorithms take care of the complicated analysis processes so that you can focus on what concerns you most – your business.

Everything you need – right out of the box

Canecto delivers a complete, end-to-end website optimisation solution that helps you connect closely with your website’s visitors and deliver what they really care about.

No more guessing or relying on so called “expert” opinion. Canecto arms you with the facts you need to carry out informed, visitor specific website optimisation.

And remember – Canecto gives you a real advantage over your competitors who are still doing things the old way.

Core features

Overview:  List of pages on your website that need to be improved most – the essence of where you should focus your attention.

Recommendations: Select specific pages and get guidance on which content elements need to be improved most on these pages.

Page improvements: Learn exactly what improvements to make – what’s missing and what’s needed to take your pages to the next level.

User Insights: Recommendations are based on what Canecto learns about user behaviour on your site – no best practices, no rules of thumb, and no so called “expert” opinion.

To-do List: Keep track of, prioritise and allocate tasks for the pages you want to work with.

Best of all

It’s free

Canecto’s basic product is free and allows you to analyse a site with up to 2,000 page views per month.

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