Use an AI assistant for your web analytics so
you can get back to running your business


Canecto monitors your website and delivers actionable web management insights and recommendations.
Don´t learn web analytics
You don’t have to learn the complexity of web analytics

If you’ve ever tried to get an accurate picture of how visitors REALLY behave when they visit your website, you’ll know that website analytics are incredibly complicated and at best leave you with a mass of data to analyze, interpret and act on.

Don´t guess
You don't have to guess how to improve on your site

Canecto software tells you exactly which pages you need to improve and the elements on each page that you need to change to ensure your website performs at its best.

Don´t waste time
You don't have to spend time gathering data

Canecto provides you with web management reports on your site’s core areas, giving you streamlined marketing reports. So you do´t have to spend time using yet another new marketing tool.

Let Canecto give you actionable insights and recommendations
Let Canecto identify the areas that need improvement.
Let Canecto provide you with out-of-the-box analytics.

Canecto is a global success

The launch of Canecto has been phenomenal. It took less than three weeks to get customers from 50 countries from six different continents, and our user community has been growing steadily ever since.

Do not just take our words for it:

  • Shriya Desai, CXO Stories

    Canecto gives clients the confidence that they are not wasting their time when working on improving their website
  • Michael,

    Canecto has removed the complexity of analytics by offering us detailed and practical recommendations
  • Louise, Studio MINI

    Canecto gives you the insights into your content – text, images, and video – in a completely new way.

Canecto is designed to fit the needs of small and medium-sized companies but is used by large media outlets and agencies as well.

Get out-of-the-box insights and recommendations into core website management areas

  • Site

  • Traffic

  • Monitor traffic trends
  • Optimize campaign ROI
  • Improve traffic conversion rates
  • Daily insights e mail
  • Weekly Recommendation Report
  • User

  • Journeys

  • Understand and optimize user journeys
  • Improve onsite conversion rates
  • Daily insights e mail
  • Weekly Recommendation Report
  • Content

  • Quality

  • Site content quality overview
  • Specific page content improvements
  • Weekly Recommendation Report
  • User

  • Interest

  • Understand user behaviour and preferences
  • Trending user interest areas
  • Most significant user interest areas
  • Descending user interest areas
  • Weekly Recommendations Reports


Made for you

Anyone can use Canecto: Our software wasn’t developed for web analytics experts (although they use it too). Canecto is for anyone interested in making ongoing improvements to their website(s).

Easy solution: We believe results are more valuable than the actual analysis process. Our solution is easy to use. Our algorithms take care of the complicated analysis processes so that you can focus on what concerns you most – your business.


The best part is that you get everything out of the box so you can focus on your business and not on doing web analytics, or as we say it:


“The smart way NOT to do Web Analytics”

It is easy to get started

If your platform can use Google Analytics, then you can use Canecto. Compatible Canecto platforms includes:

All you have to do is install a script one place on your platform once, then you are set to go. There is a Canecto plug-in available for WordPress users.