About us

We love web analytics because it is important to your business. Good analytics gives you the insight, you need to be able to have the right online focus, and it enables you to prioritise between what you should change on your website and what can wait.


Out of the box insights and recommendations

However, insights only reach their real potential to improve your web presence, when it reaches those who need to apply them in their daily work.

This is why we believe that a web analytics tool should be made for the users of the findings, not for system experts.

We aim to remove the need for experts by providing out of the box insights, and recommendations on the highest improvement potential on your site. All rapped-in an easy to use tool.

Explain user behaviour

We aim to explain user behaviour, not describe it. To do so, we track the behaviour of web users, and the patterns they leave as they move around and interact with your content.


AI and Machine Learning

We have to use the latest technology – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – to achieve the goal of explaining user behaviour. Such technologies allow a system to learn what determines the behaviour of users. We call it intelligent insight, and we call our solution for Canecto. The essence of what we do is:

“Insights and recommendations based on user behaviour.”

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