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Don't do web analytics

Get all you need to know to improve your site in one PDF report:

- Suggestions on the best improvement areas
- Overview of both content and traffic
- Get advice, recommendations, insights and data
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Get Web Analytics as a PDF Report in your intray

The reporting is based on your selected business goals:

– Sales flow
– Specific page visits
– Contact forms
– PDF downloads
– E-mail sign-ups

Know where your conversion improvement potentials are

Benchmark your performance against your peers to spot missing opportunities

Get advice on actions to catch up to your peers


Understand how your UX drives conversions

Get advice on where to improve your UX and how to do so

Know your site’s user journeys and the pages that influence your conversions the most


Know how your content drives conversions, loyalty and site engagement

Know how your traffic sources convert

Know the most efficient way extra traffic can increase your conversions


Know your Social Media performance


Know your most efficient re-marketing set-up


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