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The perfect solution for agencies

Deliver the best possible service!

Present predictive findings to your clients and boost your growth with your existing client base.

Be relevant

Use your valuable client time to talk about improvement and growth, not analytics and data.

Happier customers

Create better results for your customers through strategies built on predicted results.

Retain clients

Supplying weekly recommendations and actions to your clients ensures a foundation for a continuing dialogue.

The findings are based on patented and profoundly advanced machine learning algorithms, that enable the system to identify trends, patterns and correlations in user behavior.

On top of that Canecto offers:

  • Easy administration of your clients’ sites

  • Weekly white-label report for all your clients

  • Easy set-up (less than a minute)

  • 100% GDPR data storage and collection compliance

  • Non Google Analytics-based traffic data collection

  • No third party data access

Sounds like someting for you?