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Working with Canecto

How do I check if a customer’s script is running?

We are monitoring the status of the different clients. This video show how you can check the different status:


Green: All is ok

Yellow: We are getting data, but do not have enough to do run our machine learning algorithms

Red: Canecto is not receiving data for this site yet.

Who sends out the reports to the clients

You will recive the reports on the e-mail that you signed up with. It is then up you how to distribute the reports to your clients. In this way you control the process, and has the ability to communicate directly to your customers when you send them the reports.

Can I access old reports?

Yes. The latest report that has been send out is available in your dashboard.

Must the clients pay for the reports?

That is up to you. Some agencies choose to see this as a service that their clients must pay for. Others choose to look at the report as a mean of keeping a close and professional dialog with their customers. For this reason, they will not charge their customers for this service.

Can I allocate my slots to different clients?

Yes. You have 20 slots that can be uses as you like. You can delete add or remove your customers as it fit your business the best. The only limitation is that your maximum can have 20 sites running at once.

How long time is my free trail?

You have 15 days of free trail. This enables you to send two set of weekly reports to your clients before you have to decide if you what to continue on a paid version or not.

Practical questions

Am I GDPR appellant if I work with your system?

Yes, you are. Canecto is designed so that the system does not hold any ”personhenbarføre data”. All our user sessions are anymos and cannot be traced back to any specific user. So, we do not hold any personal data on behalf of you that you could be held accountable for.

What happens if I close my Canecto account?

You will not be able to access any client data or make new reports, if you close an account. You can still log in and reactivate your account if you would like to restart your subscription.

On request we can make a hard account close down. You would then never be able to use the system again.

The tech parts

Do you use data from Google Analytics?

No. Canecto runs separately from Google Analytics and any other data collecting system.

Does Canecto make our clients sites slower?

No. Our script is just four lines of code, so it has no implications on when pages load. The data that we send to our servers are send when a user exist a page to ensure minimum client site server exposure.

What happens to my customer data, if I opt out

We do not hold your data if you opt out of the system. We hold the account and your settings, so you can reuse them if you should choose to reuse our service at a point in the future.

How do I install a script on a client’s website

You install a small script on the site. Please go to our support site to lean how this done.

Improving my clients sites

How many client slots do I have?

You have 20 different slots. It is up to you to if you what to allocate them to clients how receives reports every week, or if you prefer to run reports for clients on a time box basis.

Can I downgrade to less than 20 sites?

No, an agency solution has up to 20 sites. You can alternatively use the multiple site product that allows you to work with up to 5 sites.

Video guides


Is there a report reading guide available?

Yes, you can download the latest version of the reading guide on this link

Can I send a report brochure to my clients?

Yes, you can. We have made a short description on the report that you can send to your clients.


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