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Build a strong Client partnership

We believe that the best way of maintaining a long-term relationship with any clients is to continually bring values to them. So you can maintain your relevance as their preferred partner. The reports are the perfect tool for you to do just that.

How do you become your clients preferred partner?

Become part of their routines

Sending report to your clients lets them know how their online business is performing. Not only is that great service to them. It also works as a natural way of identifying leads that can lead to new client projects. And it keeps you top of mind when they look for a partner for their next online project.


Talk business, not data

The report is an automated generated web analytics report with a business improvement perspective. The content is presented and designed in a way non-experts understand. So, you can use your valuable client time to talk business, improvement and growth. Not analytics and data.

Treat all clients equally well

Sending out automated analytics reports not only saves you time, resources (and perhaps even competences). It also allows you to pay more attention to all your clients. Not just the clients, that you have an ongoing project with. All can get the attention they deserve.


New-bizz tool

You may even use the reports as a tool when pitching to new clients. After just one week of data collection, you can let all potential new clients know how to improve their website. It is a great starting point for you to prove your relevance as a data-driven agency.

On top of that Canecto offers

  • Easy administration of your clients’ websites
  • Your choice of weekly or monthly white-label reports for your clients
  • Easy set-up (less than a minute)
  • Automatically identified business goals opportunities
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Non-Google Analytics-based traffic data collection

Sounds like something for you?


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