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The Canecto Website Review is designed to facilitate taks on how well your clients site is working for them. So you can start a data-driven talk with your clients on where you should have your attention and what you should focus it on next.

Your clients gets:

A better understanding of their online business

Valuable insights on how to fix current issues on their website

Becomes more comfortable discussing data-driven website improvements with you

So you can build a strong client partnership, and become their prefered partner.

Using Canecto as an Agency is simply good business

Become your clients top of mind agency

Identify new improvement project for your clients

Gives you a data-driven edge in new biz pitches

Don´t need a a full-time data scientist working on client reporting.

Outsource a task that will never be a part of your core competence area.

Efficent and low cost reporting

Get reviews of your client site’s performance

The findings from Canecto is not like any other reporting product. It has a 360-degree view on all the client’s website improvement options (traffic and content).

The findings are presented in a way that a non-expert can understand. So you can talk business, not data with your clients.

This is possible because the tool uses advances AI and business logic.

It makes it possible for you to send out a type of client report automatically that previously would have to be made by a skilled web analytics expert.

The Website Review is a PDF report

Know witch elements of your clients site that work fine, and understand where they have issues.

Getting a Website Review will let you

The Canecto Website Review is designed to help you understand how well your site is supporting your business. So you can make informed decisions on how much effort you will put into improving your site, and where you should focus.

Understand how the elements of a site work for you

Know where to focus and know what not to change

Recognise the best ways for you to improve a client´s site

You will know how a site’s content and traffic are performing.

You will learn where a site’s performance is different from peer sites – and why.

You will get suggestions on how to best increase the number of conversions.

Especially strong on content improvements

Traditional web analytics reporting focuses mostly on traffic and traffic improvements. This is however only half of the picture.

The Canecto report uses patented AI algorithms that learn user behaviour on a site. This makes it possible to present finding on UX, User Journey and content automatically in the report.

Working with website content improvements traditionally requires time consuming testing, interviews and access to expert knowledge. Canecto Agencies now has tools to work with such areas out of the box.

At a price that can not be matched

No work on your side

20 clients reports for $99

10 times your money back

The Canecto reports are automatically generated and this means that they are available to you at at no effort on your side.

You can get 20 clients using the system for $99 per month.

All you have to do is land one 10 hours project extra per month. And you will have your Canecto investment paid back 10 times.

Get your first client site reviewed for free.

No credit card required.


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