If you are like most agencies, then you most likely have three types of clients:

Friends forever: The ones you work for all the time
Active: You are pitching new projects, or have ongoing projects with them.
Old Bizz: Passive clients in your network that you know, but do not work for now

The Cancto Agency package lets you work with up to 20 clients website at the same time. It is up to you who to get data from and how long time you need it. You manage everyting yourself, and the price is fixed to ensure complete transparency.

Create value for all your clients

You can use Canecto to create new opportunities to open a new kinds of talk with all three types. You will be able to give qualified advice on how to boost the quality of different aspects of their online business.

Friends forever: Use Canecto to suggest constant improvements to their sites. It creates value for your clients, is an opportunity for you to spot new tasks, and it gives you credibility.

Active: Use the in-depth analysis part of Canecto to help you identify areas of data-driven improvement. It makes your projects better and produces a better result.

New Bizz on Old Bizz: Surprice them with findings they have no way of knowing by themself, it could be the hook you need to reacitvate them.

Use the reports

As an agent you get two weekly reports for all your active clients:

  • The ten minutes report: The weekly overview of core elements on a clients website. This report focuses on traffic trends, user behavior, and areas of interest.
  • The two-hour report: This report gives you a fundamental insight into how a  clients website is performing on all core elements and can be used as the foundation for any change or development of their site.

The reports are a great tool for you to engage in a data-driven talk with your clients.

The Canecto reports have two great advantages compared to the Google Analytics based reports they might know today:

The Canecto reports do not just focus on traffic. You get improvements recommendations on content, user journeys and user interests too.
The reports have a management perspective and focus on digested actionable insights, not just a presentation of data.

In short, they are a great tool to open up a discussion on how to improve your client’s website and identifies the areas that you and your clients need to address to do so.

Special discount

Try Canecto free for 30 days, to see how easy it is to create value for your clients.