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Canecto was made for Agencies &
building stronger Client Relationships

Get client reports for less than $4/month

Why agencies should use Canecto?

Canecto simplifies and lightens the workload for agencies around the world. The growth reports save you a lot of time and effort trying to find the best growth opportunities for your clients.

How most of our agency
customers use Canecto

Add clients to your dashboard

On your dashboard you can add all of your clients, select target pages, goals and how often you would like to receive the reports.

Receive growth reports for each client

After having collected and analyzed your clients data you receive the first growth report. You can white label the reports and send the reports directly to clients. Some agencies prefer to keep the report for themselves and only share insights.

Create better results for your clients

Talk business not data with your clients. All insights and recommendations in the reports are based on hundreds of algorithms to ensure the best results for your clients. Begin to convert more users and get happier clients.

Retain clients

Become part of their routine.
The growth report is a great way to maintain relationships with clients. The report is filled with growth opportunities that you can pitch to current or previous clients.

(You can try Canecto for free for 30 days)

More benefits - why agencies love Canecto

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