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Our AI assistant is an undeniable valuable asset for any agency – big or small. You will get access to a new layer of information unobtainable elsewhere. These new insights and recommendations allows your agency to deliver a higher level of customer service and will get you closer to your KPI’s with a minimum effort. The insights, recommendations and reports will help you gain and retain more clients.

Automated reports

Receive daily, weekly and monthly reports for all of your clients. Save time with an automated reports process.


Social media spendings

Get data-driven insights on how to maximize your clients marketing efforts. Validate your marketing spendings.

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Keywords tracking

Keep track of your clients keywords. Get insights into which topics convert users on their websites. Updated daily.  


Online dashboard

You can at all times access your online dashboard. Get an overview of your clients current situation and track traffic and the outcome of your work.


Unlimited staff access

Allow unlimited members of your staff access your account. Assigned staff can control their individual clients on the online dashboard.


White label

We make sure you get the credit for all the work. We white label all the automated reports with your logo so you can send it straight to your clients.

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