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Driven by AI and human experts

Canecto is a new concept that uses artificial intelligence to let you know
how to increase conversions based on user behaviour:

1. Data is collected from your site
2. AI finds patterns that explain why users convert - and why they don't.
3. A human expert will advise you what the finding means to your business
4. The findings are presented in a non-tech way and sent as a PDF report to you intray

In this way, you can make qualified decisions on where to focus your conversion efforts.

Know if you have the right focus
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Know where the best conversion potentials are and what it requires of you to achive them.

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Know how changes in your content can improve your conversions.

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Get advice on your best-performing traffic channels mix.

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Know how you are performing compaired to peer sites. And know what you need to change to catch up.


Grow your business

Canecto is designed to give you specific insights into how your site can convert in the best possible way, and what you can do to avoid losing customers on your site.

Know what drives conversions

You’ll quickly learn what drives users to make the actions/decisions that they do on your website.

Not a difficult tool

With Canecto, you don’t have to learn a new complicated tool. Everything you need to know is easily accessible and reports are sent directly to your in-tray.

Save time and money

You no longer need to waste time, money, or resources attempting to understand how web analytics work.

Get a Specialist

Canecto performs a job that a dedicated and highly-educated web analytics specialist would otherwise do for you.

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From 9 USD / Month

Find Canecto in the Shopify App store, or sign up directly on our site.


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