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Social, traffic & content analytics in

You reach your audience on your website, social media and on partner sites.

Canecto lets you know how your combined digital presence leads to conventions. So you can zoom in, improve and scale what works the best  for you.

Look beyond traffic

Canecto looks beyond the conventional traffic analytics, and gives you knowledge in the areas that matter for a digital marketer:

Social Media



User Journeys

Automated analytics

Canecto has automated the web analytical process.

We track, analyze and predict customer behaviour through artificial intelligence.

So you can get data-driven and intelligent insights and recommendations.

Online dashboard

You get access to an online dashboard where you can get an overview of all your data and recommendations.

Automated reports

You will receive automated reports in your inbox.

The daily report

Get a brief overview of the most important changes the past 24 hours.

The weekly report

Provides in-depth insights and recommendations

Minimal effort

Canecto runs seamlessly on any Content Management System.

Use our WordPress plugin and get started in less than a minute.

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Start getting automated advice on how to improve your conversions and digital presence today.


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