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Canecto on BigCommerce users guide

Report Guide

Understand how to get the most out of your Canecto web analytics Report. The report is divided into 6 feature areas. Follow the steps in order to ensure choosing the right area of improvement. Get inspiration on how to implement the recommended actions.



Learn which keywords are important to converting users and which keyword drives engagement and loyalty. It gives a new layer of information allowing you to truly understand how your content affect your users. It gives a unique understanding of your users.



The User Experience (UX) feature helps you understand how to improve your users’ experience when visiting your website. It gives you an overview of which areas to focus on whether it’s navigation, engagement or content. It also tells you how the changes will impact the user experience so you know it the changes are worth the effort.


User  Journey

The User Journey feature helps you understand how to improve your user journeys throughout your website. It tells you exactly which pages to improve in order to make less users drop out and thereby make more users convert.



The marketing recommendations allow you the ideal division of marketing efforts based on your current use of marketing platforms. This gives you an overview of your options and enables you to evaluate if they are worth the effort.


Social Media

The Social Media action tell you which Social Media options are the best for your business based on your current social media use. It allows you to evaluate if they are worth the effort.



Remarketing (also called re-targeting) is a way of getting previous users to come back to your website.