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Out Of The Box Web Analytics

Let an automated analytics report tell you how to get more business out of your website

So you can do what you do best, and that is probably not Web Analytics.

Get started in less than 60 seconds

The old way

A skilled web analytics expert analysed your website, so you could drive your business in a true data-driven way.

The new way

Canecto is based on AI and mimics the taks that a skilled analytics expert would have performed if he were to analyse your website.

Don’t Learn
Web Analytics

You don’t have to learn the complexity of web analytics.

If you’ve ever tried to get an accurate picture of how visitors REALLY behave, you’ll know that website analytics are incredibly complicated.

Don’t Ever
Guess Again

You don’t have to guess how to improve your site.

Canecto software tells you exactly which improvement options on your site that has the best potential.

Don’t Waste
Your Time

You don’t have to spend time gathering data.

Canecto provides you with Growth Reports on your site’s core areas, giving you automatic web analytics reports. So you don’t have to spend time using yet another new tool.

Canecto is the smart web analytics report that identifies your best improvement options

Delivered to you in an a beautifully designed and easy to understand PDF report

Know your growth opportunities


Identify the content that create loyal and convertings users and know what content to improve


Know what keeps your users from understanding your communication messages and how you can fix it

User Journeys

Find out where on your website it has most value to you to improve your user journeys


Understand which marketing initiatives converts the most users and how to most efficently get more

Social Media

Know which platforms are attracting your converting users and how to divide your social media efforts


Know the most effective way of getting the right users back on your site


Understand which marketing initiatives the most converts the most users


Identify the content that helps convert users and what content to improve

User Journey

Find out where on your website to improve your user journeys

Social Media

Get insights on which platforms are attracting users to your website and how to divide your social media efforts

Canecto uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to understand how visitors interact with the content on your website



Learn the predicted outcome prior to initiating the recommendations


Get clear actionable recommendations on how to improve your site


Web Analytics Out of the Box

Set up
your Goals

You set up your online business goals. Like getting more sales, customers downloading a PDF or submitting forms.

Learned User

Canecto then learns how your users interact with your site and scans for the best ways to reach your goals.

Get Improvement Suggestions

Canecto then tells you what your best improvement options are in your Growth Report.


Implement the recommendations that will bring you closer to your goals

David Hansen
Canecto really exceeded my expectations. It quickly became clear that I could never have made these findings myself. It goes a level deeper than your usual analytics. I especially love that it tells me exactly how to improve the user experience and user journey.

— David Hansen

Client consultant, Webhunters

Anette Petesen
I really appreciate how easy it’s become for me to utilize my own data. It’s idiot proof because it's so tangible and hands-on. I would definitely recommend it to people who might a bit unsure on how to improve their websites.

— Anette Petesen

CMO, Studio 12

Ruth Johansen
I get the growth reports weekly and I have since improved my conversions by nearly 20%. I follow many of the recommendations in the reports and it has turned out to be a great choice.

— Ruth Johansen

Marketing Manager, Skovhuggerne

The benefits at a glance

With Canecto you can expect to:


A global phenomenon

Do like professionals in more than 60 countries & join the growth journey

Getting started is easy

Get started in less than 60 seconds


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