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Many give up on doing web analytics because it is hard. However, not doing web analytics regularly means:

You miss business opportunities

You lose money on your traffic investments

You spend time fixing the wrong problems

You don’t get the understanding it requires to make your site perform better. So you lose too many customers on your site.

If you don´t know if your current ways of getting traffic are the most cost-effective, then they are probably is not.

You don’t know your sites most significant problems. So you risk giving focus on improvements that are not the most critical issues.

The reasons web analytics is hard is:

Need to work with tools

Know what the findings means

Spend time on a regular basis

You need to know how to use web analytics tools. They are designed for experts, not regular non-tech users.

You need to know what the findings actually mean to your business and what actions to take.

You need to do web analytics on a regular basis to get the findings you need. This takes time, even for a skilled professional.

The smart way of not doing analytics

Now there is a new way. It is called Canecto.

Canecto gives you the business analytics findings you need to run your site professionally, without the hassle of having to do the web analytics yourself.

Make your site convert better

Know your optimal traffic sources

Know where your sites most urgent issues are

You will know the best ways to improve your sites user journeys, content and UX. So you don´t lose customers on your site.

You will know you best performning traffic sources. So you know how to get the most value from your traffic investment.

You will know the most urgent issues on your site. So you spend your time fixing the problems that matters the most.

You don´t need time to do analytics

You don´t need web analytics skills

You don´t need to learn complicated tools

You will get all your findings done autmatically. So you don´t have to spend time doing web analytics on a regular basis.

Canecto gives your advice, recommendation and insights. So you don´t need analytics skills to be able to improve your site.

The analytics is done for you. So you don´t have to work with specialist web analytics tools to get the findings you need.

Get started in less than 60 seconds

David Hansen
Canecto really exceeded my expectations. It quickly became clear that I could never have made these findings myself. It goes a level deeper than your usual analytics.

— David Hansen

Client consultant, Webhunters

Anette Petersen
I really appreciate how easy it’s become for me to utilize my own data. It’s idiot proof because it's so tangible and hands-on.

— Anette Petersen

CMO, Studio 12

Ruth Johansen
I get the Website Reviews every month and I have since improved my conversions by nearly 20%. And I don´t spend any time more trying to understand complicated web analytics tools.

— Ruth Johansen

Marketing Manager, Skovhuggerne

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Get started in less than 60 seconds

Know the best ways to increase your conversions

Canecto delivers a complete, end-to-end website optimisation solution that helps you connect closely with your website’s visitors and deliver what they really care about. Canecto arms you with the facts you need to carry out informed, conversion optimisation.


You vs. your peers


Know if adjustments in your sites Traffic sources can increase the conversion rate

Know where your site’s conversions are lagging compared to your peers and what you need to do to catch up.

Know which pages on your site you need to change to gain the more conversions, and what you should improve on them



Social Media

Know how your content drives conversion, engagement and loyalty

Know how to ajust your remarkeing source and time period to gain the most conversions

Know if adjustments in your Social Media traffic can increase the conversion rate

Advanced AI, machine learning and visitor interaction

The key to Canecto’s success is the cutting edge, patented technology humming away under the covers.

Advanced AI: Canecto uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse how your users interact with your website’s content.

Content interaction: Understanding your user’s journey when they visit your website is the best foundation for making your site more relevant, targeted and optimised.

User patterns: Learned patterns of user behaviour inform our analysis and recommendations, and ensure you deliver what your users care about most.

Canecto runs on all major platforms

Get started in less than 60 seconds


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