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The dashboard gives you an overview of what matters most to your users’ behavior in a simple and straightforward way. You just choose which segment you’re looking at and what your business goal is, so you get an overview of the factors that contribute most to your users’ behavior. The dashboard consists of a number of widgets, each explaining how much the feature contributes to user behavior. Thus, the dashboard allows you to see if he addressed the areas that are most important to your users´ behavior are adressed.


Analysis are worth nothing without action. Therefore, you can also see the performance of the pages on your site, and also where you can put in and make changes.

Photo Usage

Pictures always tell a good story but do your images have a proven effect on the behavior of your users. Do you know if you have the appropriate amount of pictures needed to captivate visitors on your site?


Photo Size

Images on a site are often popular, but does the size of your images affect your users’ behavior?

Average Video Length

 You work with videos on your site. Do you know your users, do you know how the length of your video clips affect the behavior of users on your site? And if yes, how much power and influence on user behavior can be attributed to video length?

Lix Level

The way you write sentences on your website affects how users receive your messages. Do you write at a level where you are at eye level with your users and what can you win by making your texts better?

Text Length

There are standard rules in the SEO world for how long texts should be, but do you know what length best performs from the behavior of your users? – and is there a correlation between readers’ preferred length and the SEO recommendation?


The quality of the texts you write on your website has an impact on the behavior of your users, but you which of the texts of your website influences your users the most? The better the lyrics you write, the better your site performs. Do you know how good your texts are, and do you know what kind of texts to you to get the best results?


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