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How to improve your content

You know that more than anything, your content is what drives your users to take action on your website. But you probably do not understand how your content works for them.

You can get help understanding how your content motivates your users to take action by using the content page of your report.

It will tell you what content was essential to your converting users to take action and the same for your not converting users.

So you know what matters, and what topics could be turning your users off. The insights will help you to zoom in on making your site more relevant to your users.

How can you work with your content?

The algorithms lets you have an understanding of how your user interacts with your content and what is essential to them. This can help you make your sites messages more in eyesight with how your site’s content is perceived by your users.

Knowing what matters and what not matters to your users helps you to become more relevant to them.

How can I take actions on the Canecto recommendations?

The content page shows how what matters to your converting users and your non-converting user. You can use this information in different ways.

What you can learn from your converting users is what content that drow them to take the actions that you wanted them to take.


You should understand what motivated them and communicate this in a broader sense on your site.

Unique words

Sometime you will see that there will be words that are of unique interest for your converting users. Such should be of interest to you because they can be an indication that this topic was especially good at converting your users.

The learning from non-converting users is a bit different. This is what as important to the users of your site who did not convert to your business goal. If your site is like most sites, then this users segment is quite significant. Like the converting users, you should look for two areas;

Common interest

What have they in general been interested in, and does this represent what you expect? Do the keywords show that your users are interpreting your content the way you would like them to do, or are their interest patterns not what you expected?

Unique interest

Sometime you would see that interest area on your site pops up that you would consider of less importance, but it turns out to matter to your users. You should use the keyword to try to spot such areas because they can indicate that you are missing out on areas of importance to your users.

How does it work?

Canecto´s algorithms monitor all the different journeys that your users take on the way to your selected goal. From that, it zooms in one the ones that are most important to your converting users. The algorithms also learn how important pages are to users that convert to your business goal.

The algorithms then monitor how many of your user’s segments that have seen your content and looked for patterns in how content can be used to descript the actions your users take on your site’s pages.

Select goals

It is simple to add or change goals if you need to understand how to improve different elements of your online business.

All you have to do is log in to your Canecto dashboard and select a new goal. A goal in Canecto can be any page, PDF or formula on your site. It is simple to do and can be done without adding any new code to your site.


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