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Content actions

People make decisions on what they read or hear. Getting your content right is without a doubt the most important area of getting your site to perform.

How to use this feature?

Learn which keywords are important to converting users and which keyword drives engagement and loyalty. It gives a new layer of information allowing you to truly understand how your content affect your users. It gives a unique understanding of your users. It is extremely valuable knowledge to have when creating new content or changing the old.


These insights can not only be used for improving content for your website but it is also a great asset when creating new marketing material. Use the words and focus on topics that is of high interest for your users.


Reflect on whether your keywords are product or branding oriented and what may be best for your business.

How do we know this?

User’s interaction with content is allways the most critical factor in the quality experience of any website.

This is why Canecto focuese a lot on letting you understand your content and how it influences the actions your users take.

Canecto monitors different content components of your website to understand if it is of importance to your users.

The system does this by looking for patterns in user interaction with the site’s content. It then selects the elements out that are of most importance to your users. So you know what matters to them, and where you should focus to improve your site.

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