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Tracking script


How do I install the script on my site?

Content Management System users (simple)

For companies using Content Management Systems (CMS) available on the market, such as WordPress or Drupal, the setting up is quite easy. All you have to do is paste a simple code snippet in the same place where the rest of your tracking codes, such as Google Analytics, are placed. You should look for “Custom Java Script” in your CMS settings. You can find installation tutorials for the most common platforms here:


Google Tag Manager







Framework users (advanced)

If you wish to gain more control of the set-up or use your own system with a framework, kindly follow these steps

Step 1: Insert our tracking snippet within your website’s HTML

Step 2: Add the code for the tracking snippet near the top of the <head> tag

Step 3: Make sure the tag is located before any other script or CSS tags

Step 4: You are ready to roll!

A more in-depth tutorial can be found here

How do I know if the script works?

You will receive a mail from us once the data starts flowing in. The system needs a couple of users to verify that everything is working, and once this is the case, you will automatically receive the mail. If you do not get such a mail within 24 hours after implementing the script, then something might be wrong, and you should contact our support department for help on the matter.

How do I remove the script?

You remove the script just the same way you deployed it into your Content Management System. Once the code is gone, Canecto will stop receiving data.

Please note that removing the script could mean that you would not be able to merge your historical Canecto data, if you choose to start using the system again.

What happens if I stop using Canecto?

If you choose to stop using our service, we will stop saving and extracting data from your website. This will happen even if you choose not to remove the script from your site. We do however recommend that you remove the tracking snippet, so you only keep the software on your server which has an actual purpose.


You can access your account from We suggest that you bookmark this page so you always have easy access to your dashboard.

If you are experiencing problems logging in, please e-mail our support team and we will do our best to help you.

Contact our support team on:

Technical issues

If you have run into techical issues please contact our support team on and we will do our best to help you as soon as possible.


You will receive an invoice either monthly or annually depending on which plan you’ve chosen. If you wish to receive your invoice again please contact our support team. Contact on e-mail:

Forgot username or password

You can create a new password from on You can find your username in the welcome e-mail you received when you signed up for Canecto.

Please contact our support team, if you are unable to log-in at

Data concerns

How's my data handled?

We understand that data security is always an issue one should keep in mind.  However, you have nothing to worry about sharing your data with Canecto. When you run Canecto on your website, the installed script will send information to our servers from your site, never the other way around. We also use various encryption algorithms in our communication to ensure that only valid Canecto users can access our servers.

Is it GDPR compliant?

Yes! The GDPR affects the general collection of customer data collection and storage. Canecto however are only covering the part that has to do with web analytics. In other words, we do not track data that can be linked directly to your specific users.

We also guarantee that any data that we collect is only accessible to you. It is never distributed to any third-party vendor. Please referee to our Term and Condition document section 9 and section 12 and to our Privacy Policy.

What about data storage?

Data storage is included in all Canecto products. Different clients have different needs; so the products will have different storage lengths. If you choose the Basic product, you will get 3 months of user data stored as part of that product. Enterprise clients can choose the length that best fits their needs.

Will the script make my site slower?

Not likely. Whenever a visitor accesses one of your web pages, your installed Canecto script will send information to our servers. This will mean traffic out of your server set-up. However, the size of the data we send is so small that we’ll have no reports on performance issues from any of the sites that run Canecto.

Do you share my data with third-parties?

We will never share your data with any third parties. Ever.


Do I receive enough traffic?

We recommend that a website have a minimum on 100 page views weekly. If you receive a smaller amount of traffic then you won’t get very much value from the Growth Report. This is because our system will have difficulties giving valid recommendations based on the small amount of traffic.

How often do I receive a Growth Report

You can choose wether you would like to receive your personal Growth Report once a week or once a month. You can change this setting in your account on

How do I white label the report?

You can see which account types have access to white labeling here. Please contact our support team if you want your reports to be white labeled.

How do I set goals?

You can choose different goals to be shown in the report. The Growth Report works both with ‘softer’ goals such as branding and more actionable goals. These goals can be target pages (important web pages for your business), pdf downloads, videos views and filling out forms (e.g. a contact formula).

It is not possible to set any goals within the first 7 days of installing the script as the system will need to get to know your users’ behavior.

How do I get the most out of my findings?

You can read all about how the Growth Report is structured and how you can get the most out of it in our Report Guide here.

More questions

If these instructions are not adequate or you encounter any challenges, please feel free to contact our support team at


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