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Know the best ways to get more conversions

Know where your poentially can gain more conversions by understanding:

  • Your best traffic conversion actions

  • Your best Social Media conversion actions

  • Your best Remarketing conversion actions

  • Onsite conversion actions

Your sites performance compaired to your peers

Know how your conversions:

  • Compair how your site ability to create conversions matches a group of comaraple sites performance

  • If different factors drives your conversion than your peers

  • Advice on the best areas to improve to catch up in the area where you are performning worse than your peers

Advice on UX changes

Learn how your writing style motivates your users to take action on your site. Learn how to change the content so it better fits your users preferences, and makes them take the actions you aim for them to do.

Your best remarketing strategy

You will know the best ways to make your users come back to your site. The identifies the best channel mix and time interval for, so you will know:

  • Your best remarketing traffic channel mix

  • Your best remarketing Social Media mix

  • Your optimal remarketing time period

Your core User Journeys and the pages you need to focus on

Know where your content improvement has the greatest impact by improving:

  • Core user journeys: The most important journeys on your site.

  • Your drop out points: The pages where improvements will have the greatest impact on your sites performance

Know how your content motivates user actions

Know how your content drives:

  • Conversions: The content that motivated your converting users the most

  • Engagement: The content that motivates your users to stay longer on your site

  • Loyality: The content that makes users come back to your site


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