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Five reasons why you should not do web analytics

Work with a single report

You can get a report as a one-time analysis of your site. This is an excellent choice if your goal is to get an understanding of how your website is performing, so you do the improvement yourself in a way that fits your time and ambitions.

Business improvements as a process

For most people, Improving your site is a process that evolves over time. You make changes, evaluate the effect and select your next focus area. We have two services that fit such an approach:

90 days of site improvements

This service includes three monthly reports and a Skype meeting with us. On the meeting, we will go through the findings of your first report and together identify which areas you need to focus on improving first.

One year site improvements

This service gives you the option of having us as a long term partner in your site development process. Over one year, you will get a report every month and three Skype sessions where we set goals for your online business and follows up on your progress.


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