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The Canecto Website Review is designed to make you understand how well your site is working for you. So you know if you need to give it attention and what to focus it on.

Knowing the results of a Website Review will make you understand if:

Your site is working as it should, and you don´t have to give it extra attention.

Your site is ok, but you have some low hanging fruits that can give you fast results.

Issues with your site keep it from performing up to its potential.

Get a review of your site’s performance

The Canecto Website Review is designed to help you understand how well your site is supporting your business. So you can make informed decisions on how much effort you will put into improving your site, and where you should focus.


Getting a Website Review will let you:

  • Understand how the elements of your site work for you

  • Know where to focus and know what not to change

  • Recognise the best ways for you to improve your site

How does Canecto work?

Canecto uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn your user’s preferences on your site. Knowing this makes it possible to:

Identify the areas where change will have the most significant impact
Suggest to you how to best improve your site based on your user’s preferences and behaviour

The findings are presented to you as a management style report in a PDF format.

You will know how your site’s content and traffic are performing.

You will learn where your site’s performance is different from peer sites – and why.

You will get suggestions on how to best increase the number of conversions.


Your Website Review is a PDF report

Know witch elements of your site that work fine for you, and understand where you have issues.

Are you losing business on a daily basis?

It takes less than one minute of your time to set up a website review.

And you will have your findings seven days later when the AI has collected and analyzed your site’s data.

Not knowing how your site is working for you means that you might never know if you lose too many customers on your site, if you have the wrong traffic focus. Or if you are spending your time on actives that do not create value to you.

Get your Website Review with a 20% discount today

The regular price is $49. You can get it today for $30.

You can get a one time review of your site. This is an excellent choice if your goal is to get an understanding of how your website is performing so you can do the improvements yourself in a way that fits your time and ambitions.

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After your payment has been processed, then you will be asked to register your site’s information in our systems.

You will then have to install a script on your site (we will let you know how to do so).

In 7 days when the AI is done analysing your site’s data then you will receive your sites findings in a 20-page report.

You will get immediate access to your Dashboard. Here you can manage your report settings as well as download your report when it is ready for you.

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in knowing that a Website Review report will help you understand how to boost your site’s performance. If you for any reason find that we are not a fit for you then we will give your money back any time in the first 30 days of using Canecto. No questions asked.


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