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Know the best ways to increase your conversions
without spending time on analytics

Getting true value from your website is hard

Running a business online faces you with endless decisions on how to run it and where to focus next.

Do you tap into your best possible traffic sources?

Are your social media efforts actually creating business for you?

Are your writing style trustworthy, or does it come across as overselling?

Are you confident knowing that you spend your promotion budget the smartest way?

Do you know if, you should change the content to make it convert better?

If you had two hours to improve your website, would you know where to focus?

Don´t do web analytics

The old way

Untill now you have had to know how to use analytics tools, know how to interpret the data and how you can apply the findings to make your site better.

Analytics tool



The new way

Now, Canecto automates the process so you can spend your time making the actual site improvements.



The Canecto Website Review is designed to make you understand how well your site is working for you. So you know if you need to give it attention and what to focus it on.

Knowing the results of a Website Review will make you understand if:

Your site is working as it should, and you don´t have to give it extra attention.

Your site is ok, but you have some low hanging fruits that can give you fast results.

Issues with your site keep it from performing up to its potential.

Are you losing business on a daily basis?

It takes less than one minute of your time to set up a website review.

And you will have your findings seven days later when the AI has collected and analyzed your site’s data.

Not knowing how your site is working for you means that you might never know if you lose too many customers on your site, if you have the wrong traffic focus. Or if you are spending your time on actives that do not create value to you.

Your Website Review is a PDF report

Know witch elements of your site that work fine for you, and understand where you have issues.

Getting a Website Review will let you

The Canecto Website Review is designed to help you understand how well your site is supporting your business. So you can make informed decisions on how much effort you will put into improving your site, and where you should focus.

Understand how the elements of your site works for you

Know where to focus and know what not to change

Recognise the best ways for you to improve your site

You will know how your site’s content and traffic are performing.

You will learn where your site’s performance is different from peer sites – and why.

You will get suggestions on how to best increase the number of conversions.

Especially strong on content improvements

Traditional web analytics reporting focuses mostly on traffic and traffic improvements. This is however only half of the picture.

The Canecto report uses patented AI algorithms that learn user behaviour on a site. This makes it possible to present finding on UX, User Journey and content automatically in the report.

Working with website content improvements traditionally requires time consuming testing, interviews and access to expert knowledge. Canecto users now has tools to work with such areas out of the box.

Two ways of knowing if your website is working for you

Get a Website Review report now

You can use a single Website Review as a checkup of your sites current status. The review will make you understand if you need attention to your site right now or not. And if you do, where to focus.

Engage in an improvement process with us

If you already know that your site does not work and you know you need to embark on an improvement process, then there we can help you in two ways. Either as a three months Website review process or a long term yearly website improvement plan.

A one-time website review

90-day website review process

One year website review process

You can get one website review report.

This is an excellent choice if your goal is to get an understanding of how your website is performing so you can do the improvement yourself in a way that fits your time and ambitions.

This service includes three monthly website review reports and a Skype meeting with us.

On the meeting, we will go through the findings of your first report and together identify which areas you need to focus on improving first.

This service gives you the option of having us as a long term partner in your site development process.

Over one year, you will get a website review report every month and three Skype sessions where we set goals for your online business and follows up on your progress.

No credit card required

Our story

It started with a frustration

Canecto was founded in 2017 by the two colleagues Per Damgaard and Per Mikkelsen in Copenhagen Denmark.

We started Canecto to try to solve the frustration we both had the of not getting value out of the analytics solutions that we had access to.


AI can understand user decisions

We knew that the new AI technologies that were getting available could do analytics in a better way. Because they could be used to understand what elements on a site that makes a user make the decisions that they do. We also knew that knowing this could enable a much more rich understanding of how a website could be improved.

The only problem, no one has ever done this before. But, we made a prototype to see if you could use AI to explain user behaviour. We could, and we then build the software.


18 months of development at the Technical University of Denmark

The product was created at the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen using some of the most skilful data scientists from five different counties.

It took us 18 months, and in the process, we made three different versions of the software. We got feedback and data from more than 1000 websites to get to where we are today.

In the end, we did manage to create a solution that has automated the web analytics process based upon insights into the user’s behaviour. Just like we set out to do.


Next generation analytics

We are very proud of what we have created. Because we know that what we have made is the first of a new generation of web analytics tools that will change the way web analytics is done forever. We know this because we see so much unreleased potential in what the technology can be made to do for the site owners.

The technology makes us different

The Technology Makes us Different

The products and service that we provide are unique to us. No one else in the world makes the kind of report that we offer as an automated service. This is because we use technology in a way different to other conventional web analytics.

In the last 15 years all analytics tools have been made using the same core technological approach: descriptive analytics. This means that an analytics application presented data to a person who then–based on his analytics knowledge–could make sense of it. The core problems with such an approach is that:

  • It takes time (and that makes it expensive)

  • It requires human expert knowledge

  • There is great room for interpretation–and errors

Our AI can understand how to improve a websites business performance

Caneto uses Artifical Intelligence to solve the same problem: understanding how to improve websites’ business performance. Our use of technology makes it possible for us to overcome those issues.

Patterns in user behaviour

Our AI looks for patterns in user behavior and identifies the trends that can explain users’ response the best.

A conventional web analytics approach might observe that most converting users were users who came from Social Media channels. So the recommendation would be; do more Social Media.

Our approach looks for patterns and bases the advice on this: It could be that converting users converted because they all visited a single page, and that action made them convert regardless whether they came from Social Media or not. The recommendation, then, would be to focus on getting users to that page because that is the actual key to boosting your site’s conversions.

We holds patents on our technology

Canecto holds a patent on the way our technology works, so you can not get findings like ours on any other platform.


Canecto is 100% GDPR compliant. Not only because we have to, but also because of the nature of our data needs. Our AI looks for general patterns in user behaviours.

To do this, the AI does not need data from individual users. So both from a commercial, technical and legal perspective, we have no interest in personal data collection.

David Hansen
Canecto really exceeded my expectations. It quickly became clear that I could never have made these findings myself. It goes a level deeper than your usual analytics.

— David Hansen

Client consultant, Webhunters

Anette Petersen
I really appreciate how easy it’s become for me to utilize my own data. It’s idiot proof because it's so tangible and hands-on.

— Anette Petersen

CMO, Studio 12

Ruth Johansen
I get the Website Reviews every month and I have since improved my conversions by nearly 20%.

— Ruth Johansen

Marketing Manager, Skovhuggerne

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in knowing that any of the three options will help you understand how to boost your site’s performance. If you, for any reason, find that we are not a fit for you, we will give your money back any time in the first 30 days of using Canecto. No questions asked.

Canecto runs on all major platforms

Are you losing business on a daily basis?

It takes less than one minute of your time to set up a website review.

And you will have your findings seven days later when the AI has collected and analyzed your site’s data.

Not knowing how your site is working for you means that you might never know if you lose too many customers on your site, if you have the wrong traffic focus. Or if you are spending your time on actives that does not create value to you.


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