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GDPR and Web Analytics

GDPR is the new EU data protection regulation that took effect on May 25 2018. Users of Canecto will be compliant when it comes to the handling of Web Analytic data in Canecto.

You will be 100% compliant as a Canecto user

Canecto is 100% GDPR compliant. Not only because we have to, but also because of the nature of our data needs. Our AI looks for general patterns in user behaviours.

To do this, the AI does not need data from individual users. So both from a commercial, technical and legal perspective, we have no interest in personal data collection.

What makes Canecto Complied?

The GDPR affects the general collection of customer data collection and storage. Canecto however are only covering the part that has to do with web analytics. In other words, we do not track data that can be linked directly to your specific users.

We also guarantee that any data that we collect is only accessible to you. It is never distributed to any third-party vendor. Please referee to our Term and Condition document section 9 and section 12 and to our Privacy Policy.


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