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The Converter

Most commercial websites are working towards reaching a number of business goals for users’ behavior. In many cases, the goals go into closer dialogue with the users so that users’ interest is maintained, even after they leave the site.
Therefore, users are seeking to download PDF files with product material, working towards getting users subscribed to a newsletter or filling out a form for further dialogue.
It is therefore crucial for many website owners to try to understand the mechanisms that help drive customers to support the desired action, namely the conversion.
That’s exactly what Canecto’s converter can help you with. The tool tells you which patterns in user behavior on your site are most important to users’ behavior. The tool also tells you what changes you need to make to  optimize your site’s conversion rates.

Test User?

Canecto is a new service and we would like to be in dialogue with possible users of our solution. We therefore offer the product free to selected test customers. Write to us today to make an appointment for free use of the product in the first 6 months. All we want to ask is to be allowed to talk with you so we can use your experiences and wishes to make the product even better.


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