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Online Communication Specialist – Student Assistant / half-time position

About us

Canecto uses AI to make a web analytic tool for the ones who need web analytics, but do not have time or competence to use the conventional tools such as Google Analytics. We give our users out of the box recommendations on how to improve their website, without spending time on the analytical process.

Canecto is now at a phase where scaling the awareness of our service is vital to our success, and for this, we need a new student assistant or half-time employee to help boost our communication efforts.


You and the job

First of all, we expect you to be able to create quality online content, and we need you to drive the mix of channels that we will use to reach our potential customers, in a structured way.

We do not expect you to know much about Web Analytics, but you will have to be able to understand the business needs of our target groups of small and medium-sized companies so that you can produce relevant content to them.

The job will consist of various communication tasks such as:

  • Content production
  • Newsletter production
  • Mail chip management and flows set-up
  • Active search for relevant blogs
  • Creation of guest blog articles and content

The prioritisation of the tasks will vary as we progress and better learn and understand our customer’s needs. The right person will have to be self-motivated and will be in a position with a high level of influence on how we achieve our communication goals.

All of Canecto´s customers are English speaking, so American or English as a first language is a requirement. Other vital skills are:

  • Copy writing
  • Ability to write short and catching
  • Ability to make complex simple and down to earth
  • Studying communication or journalism is considered a plus


The position will be a 15 to 20 hours a week job.

We will ongoingly evaluate applications and close the application date on Feb. 15.


More on us

Canecto is based at Scion DTU in Lyngby in the middle of Campus. There is a rich social environment on Campus and lots of free activities such as gym and sports clubs.

Please mail your application to

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  1. Cristina

    How would you prefer candidates to apply for this position?
    I am unable to see any link or email address.

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