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You should view the content your users read on your site as a reflection on what aspects of your business they are interested in.

You know the top pages they read, but do you honestly know what your customers are interested in on your website right now? Do you know what is trending, and what they see as yesterday’s news?

User interest

You know for Social media trends that customer interest is moving, and it is moving fast.

Areas that has not previously had the focus of the users suddenly catch their attention and become their prime focus area.

Do you know the interest dynamics on your website?

Are you at the eye level with the users as they are right now? Is your favourite content on your site also the user’s favourites?

We have developed the Insights to help you see your customers the way they see you.

Natural Language Processing

Technically, the solution is based on Natural Language Processing algorithms, which means that our algorithms understand what your users have read about on your site and know what the central content of the various pages of the site is. We agree that it is a little nerdy, but the fact that the system automatically relies on your site’s content allows you to get a true data-driven image of what your customers’ interests really are and that’s what makes you different.

The way the system tells you about the interests of your users is to show you the most important words in a cloud. Placement in the cloud and the size of the different words tell about the meaning and their relationship.


  • I would consider writing about areas I can see capturing users’ interest in my newsletter
  • I will check my site to see if there are enough articles about the most read topics on the site.
  • It might also be a good idea to focus on topics that are on the front page.
  • If I used ads to drive traffic to the site, I could also use the overview to see where my focus should be in the campaigns.

Canecto can do much more than that. There is a big difference between what users read about on the mobile platform and on the PC, so you can get hints to see how the messages are received on the different channels. You will also quickly learn to use the Canecto to see if your website is in sync with your presence on the social media.

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