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The Canecto concept explained

Why should I use Canecto?

Canecto is using cutting-edge predictive analytics to give clear actions across all digital initiatives.

Canecto is designed to help you grow your business. We tell you how much potential you have improve your business and exactly how to execute. This way you’ll know your options and can zoom in on the areas that makes the most sense to you.

Precise recommendations

You get very precise recommendations on your internal and external digital initiatives. Internal actions cover your user journey and website content. External actions cover traffic, marketing, social media and remarketing.

All recommendations lead you directly to the actions with the biggest impact and more importantly how to execute them. This allows you to zoom in on the areas, which make the most sense for your business in order to achieve the best results. We focus on information that may help your business grow –  optimize your website, increase your ROI and convert more users.


Which features will I get?

Canecto includes several internal and external key features. All together they give you the full overview and the smaller details needed to improve your website or marketing efforts. A key factor is that all actions are tied to individual goals or target pages to ensure that the recommendations are relevant for your digital strategies.



This feature is designed to make the lives of marketing employees easier, better and more efficient. You will get a transparent overview of the performance of your marketing efforts. Whether this is SEO, referrals, adverts etc. you will be able to see exactly how well each source or initiative is performing.

Further, you will receive actions as a ‘recipe’ for how to convert more users. It tells you exactly which actions to do, how to do it, and how many users can be gained.

Having this knowledge prior to initiating any marketing effort will help you, with peace of mind, chose the most effective marketing initiatives for your individual business.


Social media

The social media feature is focusing on how you can, in the most efficient way, utilize social media to convert more users. You will receive clear recommendations on how much you can gain from the suggested initiatives and how to execute it.

It will for example, tell you how many session you need to reach your conversion goal and which platforms to use to do so.



The remarketing (retargeting) feature allows you to get a transparent picture of how to do remarketing for your business. Remarketing can be very expensive but efficient marketing strategy – if it’s done right. You will get the exact amount of days where your remarketing is still profitable so you know when to end your remarketing campaigns.

It also gives you an overview of your best performing marketing and social media channels so you can make data-driven decisions when planning your marketing efforts.


User journey

The user journey feature provides you with unique insights on how to improve the key user journeys on your website in order to convert more users. You will get unique insights into which user journeys plays a key factor on your website and how to make the most of them. This will give you insights into your user behavior on your website and which pages are the most important to focus on when making improvements.



The content feature allows you to get valuable knowledge about how your users interact with the content on your website.

We analyze the importance of all the words on your website and which meaning they hold the users – whether they convert or not. This knowledge enables you to adjust an improve the website content. Focusing on high importance keywords for converting users can help you to create more engaging content.



Last but not least we also give you your current traffic status while analyzing the effect of all traffic sources. It also gives you insights into how users behave on your website dependent on the traffics source, for example, the average time spent on site, amount of page views, sessions and first time visitors. You can also keep an eye on the traffic development over time.


How is this possible?

At Canecto we have spent years on developing patented sophisticated algorithms and software so we can give you unique insights unobtainable elsewhere.

Canecto uses a different set of technologies to help you get the best out of your website. We call our algorithms models, and we have more than 20 models, that carry out different tasks. Amongst the models we use is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural language processing and predictive analytics models.

The most technologically advanced models are the predictive models. They are built on top of the results of the other models, and their purpose is to identify which initiatives will help you gain the most business value.

This is done by searching for significant patterns with high business value. They are for example able to identify segments of your users or which content may stand out. This enables the system to run various sets of combinations in order to identify which initiatives that will create the most value for your business.

An example of how the software works in relations to the social media feature:

The models continually learn from your users’ behavior. The model analyzes what kind of social media traffic, that converts your users more efficiently. Further, it looks for significant segments, that has the highest predicted conversion proverbiality among your converting users. Based upon this we can tell you where to focus and give you a predicted outcome of the actions.

It sounds simple but in reality, our recommendations are the result of millions of calculations for each site and actions. The system is based upon a highly advanced data structure that we hold patents on.

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