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The radar

Do you know how your conversions are doing compared to other sites? Where other are better, and what makes them perform better than you?

Are others doing well because they are great at SEO, is it because they are excelling on Social Media platforms, or is it because they so nail it making convincing content on their site?

And do you know where you should focus to catch up? Canecto knows, and so can you – in a GDPR compliant way.

Introducing the all new Radar feature.

It is a genuinely new invention in the world of web analytics, and it lets helps you understand how you are performing compared to your peers.

Not only do you get to know where they are doing better than you. You will also learn why.

Are the others great at converting users from SOME because they advertise heavy on Social Media, or is it because their SOME users are more loyal than yours? And that drives the conversion? Canecto knows, and so can you.

Your content dones not convert

Your site is getting more traffic volume than a comparable site, and this is good, but your conversion rate is too low. So you do not succeed in capitalising on the quantities that you get. The reason you do not convert your traffic could either be because you get the wrong kind of traffic, or because your site’s content does not attract your user’s interest.


You might want to do a quality check of your site based upon the content recommendations or try to market your website towards the best converting target groups as they are identified in the marketing section of the report.

Don’t learn a new tool. Get analytics as a service directly in your intray

This is what we mean at Canecto when we say that we have automated the analytic process. You get findings out of the box in a way where you do not need an expert to tell you how to make your website better.

If you sign up today, then you will be among the first in the world to get this new level of insights. Delivered to you in an easy to read PDF report direct in your intray.

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