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How to get the best out of Canecto´s features

Canecto has four different features that let you know how to improve your conversions and site quality best.

You can improve conversion by using either the traffic or the user journey section.

Site quality can be improved by understanding your user’s interest or by selecting the pages that need a boost to make your user stay longer on the site.


Be in control of your onsite traffic and keep a focus on the sources that work for you. It is good business to manage the quality of your traffic, and Canecto helps you to do so.


You can identify the users who end up converting to your business goals and the ones that do not.


This lets you target the sources that are valuable to you and spend your marketing effort where it works.

User Journey

Learn how to boost your onsite conversion rates. Know which content to improve and what to change on your site:

  • Know the most important pages you should improve.
  • Lean the effect your content has on your user’s conversion probability.


Stop guessing on what to improve on your site to boost your conversions. Focus on the areas that have the highest improvement potential.

User Interest

Your users’ interests are constantly changing. New areas of interest come on fast and what you thought was of core interest to your audience could be considered irrelevant to them faster than you realize. Ask any social media expert and they will tell you that their most complicated task is to keep their users engaged in an ever-changing landscape.


The feature lets you know your users’ interests in 3 core areas, such as trending user interest or the most declining user interest on your site.

Content Quality

The quality of your content has never been more critical. Your users expect you to deliver your text in the ways that they want. You need to know things like the right length and the right tone. If you don’t deliver on this, they might leave you and never come back.

To be able to meet your uses demands, you need a basic understanding of how your users interact with your content. What matters to them and what you need to improve. This is the purpose of the Content Quality section.


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