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Content Analytics

People make decisions on what they read or hear. Getting your content right is without a doubt the most important area of getting your site to perform. To many, this can be a black box. This article aims to let you know how you can make your content work better for you!

What is content?

Nothing on your website can be more important than your content. Knowing your content makes your users take the decisions that you would like them to do.

You need to be aware of how your content influences your users to take the actions that you would like them to take.

Three purposes

Content on your website should serve 1 of 3 objectives:


  1. Branding
  2. Convert
  3. Engagement


Branding content helps you position your site or product as a trusted partner or part of your user’s life. This is the core of building a long-term relationship with your customers.

Converting content has one purpose; make your users take the converting actions that you would like them to do.

Engaging content is the kind of content that makes your users come back to your site or to share it on social media platforms. To do so, it has to have an edge so it makes your users get social acceptance when they share it.

It is essential that you are aware of the 3 different kinds of content and how you work with it. You should balance your site’s content to support different types of actions that you would like your users to take.

How do you work with content?

The principle of working with web content is no different than anything else on your site. You need to know how it is performing. Therefore, you will know if your content has an issue that you should look at, or if there are more essential areas on your site that you should focus on instead.

To be able to do to so, you need to monitor the performance of your content.

The qualitative way

This method lets you understand what kind of content is essential to your users. It will let you know how different segments react to your content and what was important to them.

This kind of information is known as content analytics. It is never a part of the conventional web analytics tool. Canecto has made this kind of Content Analytics part of the Growth Report. It will let you know:


  • What content motivated the converting users to take action
  • What content makes your users come back to your site
  • What content motivated your users to stay on your site


This allows you to gain knowlege of how your messages and communication is perceived by your audience and what you can do to scale up the elements that work best. And perhaps even more important the messages not working for you. Knowing what you need to change if often the most valuable insights you can get.

The quantitative way

One way of getting a quick idea of how your content is performing is to use time on page. If users spent below average time on a page, it could be a sign it is not performing well. This approach can help you understand if a page might not work, but not why or if it is important for your users. You can find this kind of information on regular web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.


The different types of content

Web content can be defined as all that users can see on a web page such as text and multimedia. Multimedia includes; illustrations, photos, animations, podcasts, and videos.

Your content should be balanced so it can be used to generate traffic to your site as well as motivate your site’s users to take the actions on your site that you would like them to take.


The text on your site is the most critical element. You have no better way of reaching your users than through your text content. Useful web text is different from other media. Web users skim the content and choose to read the areas that catch their attention.

You need to design the structure of your text to support such behavior. This means using many small sections and meaningful subheadings.



In general, multimedia content makes users spend more time on your site, especially if it is video. Multimedia is also great for onsite SEO (search engine optimization). The downside of multimedia is it is more challenging to produce. Video quality must to be high if your users will engage with it.


How do you know if your content is the real issue you should focus on?

It takes time and effort to work with content. The plus side is once it is done then you have created a substantial change on your website. However, it takes time and you risk spending it on changes that end up not producing the effect you are looking for.

You first need to establish if the content is the core problem you have. You do this by following the Website Management method that you find on this link.

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