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How to work with conversions

Conversions are the actions you want your users to take on your website. The moments where your users get one step closer to beeing your customer. It could be anything from the first step of signing up for your newsletter to buying your product online.

Canectos conversion feature helps you monitor and optimises all the steps that are important to you, and lets you know where to put your focus and what to improve.

You can use the same conversion goals when you look at traffic and when you investigate how your content is performing.

The first step is to identify your conversion goals, and you do this by just selecting it as shown in this screenshot.

Conversion as a concept

Improving your conversions is a multidimensional task where you need to be able to put your focus where the current growth potential is highest.

It means that you need to look at both traffic and onsite activities for you to know where to put your focus.

Canecto helps you by letting you see your conversions both in a traffic perspective and an online perspective.

Canacto let you monitor your conversions in different traffic and online parameters. You can see this in the illustration.

Multiple conversion goals

If you are like most cases a website ovner then you have between 5 to 10 different conversion goals that are of high business value to them.


You should select and save the goals that matters to your business. Not only is it convient, it also means that the result of the conversion findings are presented in your Canecto reports.


The goals will depend of the type of business you are running, and could be:

  • Shopping basket
  • Your thank you page
  • Newsetter sign ups
  • Contact formular
  • PDF Product presentation
  • Core content pages
  • Campain materiale / pages.



User journey conversions

You can use your conversion goals to lean on how your site conversion is performing. Canecto helps you with this is three different ways:

Content and navigation improvement potential: Know the most important pages you should change content and navigation.

Pages visited by the converting users: The map lets you understand which pages that have contributed to your conversion goal

Content Contribution Maps: Content contribution maps let you know what content element made a difference for the actions your users tasks on your site.

Traffic conversions

Be in control of your onsite traffic and keep a focus on the sources that work for you.
You have four different areas that help you identify how you can turn your website traffic into customers:

Visit: Learning the frequency before conversion will tell you how many visits it takes for them to convert to your business goal.

Source: Learn which kind of traffic sources that convert best to your business goals.

Locations: Learn which kind countries that perform best towards your business goal.

Platform: Learn which kind of platforms that convert best to your business goals.


CTA or conversion?

Some of our conversion goals could be called Call to Actions. We are however calling all such goals for conversions. We do this for two reasons:

Link to traffic: You can use Canecto to monitor both traffic source converions and onsite conversions. In many cases the focus is on the same goal. So to keep the consistentcy, we call everything conversions.

More business value: You could say that a call to action is what you what your users to do in order to for them to convert. So conversion are the goal, and our recommendations are focused on improving business goals.


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