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Social Media

You probably have 3 goals with your of Social media efforts. You would like to engage in a dialogue with your customers while also branding your product or services to them. Finally, you would like to use the channels as a way of getting traffic to your site so you can convert your users to customers.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and similar platforms that you use to engage in dialogue with your customers. You can use them for three different purposes:


Branding – They can be a great way of building brand awareness


Engagement – Social Media can be a great way of reaching out and having real engagements with your customers


Sales – You can use Social Media to dirive traffic to your site


Your purpose

Your first reflection when it comes to Social Media is what your purpose with your presence on the channels are.

Instagram does not convert, and that might not be a problem

Instagram as an example is an excellent way of building up a follower base. The platform can be a great way of staying relevant to your audience. In other words, it is an engagement tool. However, few succeed in generating direct converting traffic from Instagram.


That is not necessarily a problem, if your goal with Instagram is to create engagement and have other traffic sources that give you converting actions.


You need to set goals for what you want the platforms to do you for you. No matter what intention you have, you must monitor the platform towards your goals, so you can judge if they perform as you expect.


By the end of the day, everything comes down to sales. You would want to know how much of your Social Media effort can actually be credited to sales, even if they are indirect via Instagram engagements or Pinterest post.

Overview out of the box

The Canecto Growth report monitors how your Social Media Channels drive traffic to your site. It also shows you how much traffic ends up converting into sales.


This provides you with an out of the box overview of how your Social Media efforts are performing. All you have to do is define which goals you would like your users to take on your website. The report does the rest for you.


Predictive Analytics helps you maximise sales via Social Media

It does not even stop there. The technology behind the Canecto Growth report uses an AI technology called Predictive Analytics. It makes it possible to identify your best Social Media options.


This means that you get a specific suggestion on the best way to increase your sales from Social Media. This suggestion is based upon an analysis of all your social media users behavior on your site.


The AI algorithim will find the segments that have the best possible conversion rate. The tool even predicts how much more sales you can get out of your social media efforts if you follow the suggested recommendations.


This way you will know the effect of our effort before you even implement it.

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