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Report guide

How to get the most out of your Canecto reports

The purpose of the report is to help improve your website and digital initiatives. The report lets you do so by providing an overview of which improvement options you may have and what it takes for you to implement them.

The report consist of five areas:

  1. Marketing
  2. Social Media
  3. User Journey
  4. Content
  5. Traffic

The report can be used as a step-by-step guide on how to improve your digital initiatives. The report allows you to get an overview of your improvement options, which actions you need to make and how to implement them.

Within all five areas of the report you will know:

  1. How much new business can you get gain within the specific area
  2. Which specific actions you need to take
  3. What the predicted result of the suggested actions is

Select your goals

The business value of a website is often centered around how to convert users into customers. In order to do so, you need to make your users take specific actions on your website. Canecto is designed to let you know how to get most users to convert into customers.

First, you need to select some goals on your website. A goal may represent any desired action a user does on your website. For a B-to-B site, this may be filling out a contact formula, downloading a pdf or reading an important page.

A B-to-C site might focus more on products and branding, and both could also include e-business elements such as going through a product purchase flow.

Usually, you achieve the best findings if you choose between three to five different goals. Setting up goals on the Canecto dashboard is very easy. Unlike conventional web analytics tools like Google Analytics, this can be done by a non-expert, and they are easy to change as your business moves along.

Your goals do not require new code on your site or complicated set-up. Your potential goals have already been identified by the system, so all you have to do is to select them from a list in your dashboard.

How to make the most of your report?

The report is designed so it can become a vital part of your continuous journey of improving your digital presence.

To successfully improve a website over time it requires the ability to focus on different areas at different times. The reports enable you to know where on your website your bottlenecks are and what you can do about it.

You can use the reports to zoom in on areas which you are already working on or help you discover new areas with improvement potentials, which you may not have thought about.

The report can also be a great support when considering hiring digital agencies such as a SEO agency because it will you allow you to transparently monitor their performance.

How do I take action?

The canecto report is not your regular web analytics report. It is a predictive tool, that tells you what options you have and which results you can expect.

Canecto start by focusing on your your business goals. The conventional tools start with your data, and you then have to figure out how to makes sense of it yourself.

The Canecto reports are focussed on three core areas, which helps you through the implementation of new digital initiatives.


The three core areas consist of: 

  1. Recommendations
  2. Predictions
  3. The necessary change.  

1. Recommendations

The Canecto algorithms are designed to scan all of your data and find the best business opportunities. They are presented to you as recommendations and gives you the best actions on how to implement it.

2. Predictions

The algorithms select the recommendations, that are given to you based upon the best-predicted outcome. This knowledge comes from learning patterns within your user’s behavior. It means that you know the result of your actions before applying them.

3. The necessary change

The report will also tell you what is required in order to achieve the predicted outcome. It tells you how much effort you need to put into your task. Having this knowledge allows you to pick and choose the recommendations, that works best for your business.  

Select your goals

Log on to your Canecto dashboard and select your desired goals. A goal can be any page, PDF or formula on your website.

It is simple to do and can be done without adding any new code to your site.


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