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Visual identity and communication project is developing a new web analytic tool that lets website owners know how to improve their website, based on user behavior.

Our technology is based on advanced AI algorithms that we have developed, and they provide a world class insight in user behavior.

We now need to take our product to the next level, and we are looking for a designer or a team of designers who can help up make our concept even sharper from a visual communication perspective.



We need someone who can create a strong visual identity strategy that supports our brand and our communication messages. In short. We need you to help us make new users fall in love with our product and to make our user base even better understand how our product can help them.


The ideal project will include both a visual strategy proposal for our online platforms, as well as specific examples of how the strategy can be executed.


It will be perfect if you have experience in creating a digital visual universe that contains photos, illustrations, and video sequences/tutorials.

The project is an excellent opportunity to apply your visual design knowledge in many aspects of a product development process, and by doing so putting a significant mark on our application.



Canecto is a start-up that is located at Scion DTU in Lyngby. The company is made up of a combination of senior profiles that has done a lot of web development and a group of students from DTU that are experts in AI and Machine Learning. We are VC funded.

Next step

For more information contact CEO Per Damgaard Husted at or call on 3126 2562

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