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How to improve your User Journey

Most user of any site drops out in the journey towards the goals of the site. Canecto has identified your best options to improve the pages in your user’s journeys.

It means that you do not need to spend time understanding your user’s journey and look for where it makes the most sense for you to improve it.

Your Canecto report has automatically identified the pages on any of your journeys that makes the most sense for you to look at.

The pages have been selected because they are essential to your users converted to the goal and because the algorithms have learned that improving the pages will affect your conversion.

So in other words, the pages have been selected because they are essential to your users and because you will get an effect out of improving their ability to convert.

How can you work with User Journeys?

The Canecto User Journey is build up around three core elements.

Recommended actions

Canecto will select one to three pages per target that are the best candidates for improvement. You only need to implement the recommended improvement on one of them to achieve the predicted result. There is more that one goal if Canecto finds that more pages are good candidates for a significant boost in your journeys conversions.

The necessary change

The most common target is around a 5% improvement of your current conversion rate, but it can vary if the identified improvement potential of the page is higher or lower.

The predicted result

This is the number of new conversions to your business goal that you can expect if you follow the selected recommendations.

How can I take actions on the Canecto recommendations?

What you will learn from the Canecto User Journey improvement recommendations is where to focus and what the aim of your change should be.

You now need to improve the selected pages ability to let your users move towards the goal of the journey. So, improvements to ensure this can point in many directions.

Navigation: Is it clear for the users how to move towards your target page? Do you need more links, more visible links that are pointing at your target page?

Content: Are you motivating your users to take the actions towards your target page? Is your text clear, do you need pitchers our video clips to build motivation towards going to your target goal?

How does it work?

Canecto´s algorithms monitor all the different journeys that your users take on the way to your selected goal. From that, it zooms in one the ones that are most important to your converting users. The algorithms also learn how important pages are to users that convert to your business goal.

Buy knowing the two factors, the system can identify essential pages where a change in the conversion rate would have the most significant impact. These are the pages that are selected to you in the User journey page, so you know where to focus and what you can expect from your results.

Select goals

It is simple to add or change goals if you need to understand how to improve different elements of your online business.

All you have to do is log in to your Canecto dashboard and select a new goal. A goal in Canecto can be any page, PDF or formula on your site. It is simple to do and can be done without adding any new code to your site.


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