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Launch of Canecto

Canceto has launched a new software product, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), that can potentially help 150 million people understand how to improve their website content and user experience.

The problem

Some more background on how we use technology to help people in ways that have not been possible until now:


Data analysis is far more critical than ever before if you truly want to understand your website users better.  However, the traditional web analytics tools have some challenges, such as:


  • The analytical process iscomplex and requires specialist knowledge
  • It is time-consuming to do the analyses
  • It is often difficult to convert the data , from the analyses to specific improvements on the site


Contact Per Damgaard Husted, CEO if you need more information on our lanuch.

First in the world

Canecto is the first company in the world to create a service that automates the analysis process for a website and gives “out of the box” insights into customer behaviour and recommendations on how to optimize the site.
Or as we say, “the smart way of not doing analytics”.

What do you get?

Users of Canecto get:

  • Insight into how marketing efforts can be optimised
  • Prioritised suggestions to improve site content
  • Insights to optimisation of user journeys

Canecto uses Machine Learning and AI algorithms to monitor customer behaviour. These technologies enable Canecto to detect patterns in user interaction with a site’s content and identify what site elements matter most to them.


We have a global patent on our technology.

We believe that the commercial potential of Canecto is significant. The feedback from the market is that the product is revolutionary and represents a whole new way of doing web analysis.

Please contact CEO Per Damgaard Husted if you find our product interesting, of need more information on our product.

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