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How to improve your marketing efforts

Your digital marketing efforts are designed to drive users to your website.
The Canecto marketing recommendations let you know where it makes the most sense for you to focus your efforts while getting the most out of your marketing budget.

The algorithms analyze all your data and spots the areas with the most significant potential to increase conversions through digital marketing initiatives.
It will tell which marketing platforms perform the best and how to divide your efforts to obtain the best result.

How can you work with Marketing recommendations?

The marketing recommendations give you insights into which marketing efforts generate the most value. The system builds upon your current marketing initiatives so it won’t recommend actions, that is not within your marketing mix already.


The Canecto marketing recommendations are build up around three core elements:

Recommended actions

Canecto will select one or more sources per target that you should focus on. There is more that one source if Canecto finds that the best way to achieve the predicted result is via a combined combination of multiple sources.

The necessary change

The algorithms have calculated how many sessions more you need from each source. Your task is then to design campaigns or actives that can produce the requested effect.

The predicted result

This is the number of new conversions to your business goal that you can expect if you follow the selected recommendations.

How does it work?

The marketing improvement recommendations will teach you where amongst all your online marketing actives you have the possibility to generate the most value.

Knowing the exact result and which actions to take prior to initiating your strategy is a major advantage. This enables you to create a highly effective marketing strategy.

Canectos algorithms monitor all the traffic, that goes into your website. It learns while looking for patterns, which can define users who convert.

It then looks to identify the biggest possible converting segments and calculates how much more you can gain from improving your traffic.

The algorithms look for the best segment and platforms that will increase your number of conversions the most. In other words the best possible outcome with the least possible extra effort to you.

Select goals

Log on to your Canecto dashboard and select your desired goals. A goal can be any page, PDF or formula on your website.

It is simple to do and can be done without adding any new code to your site.


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