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77% of all social media traffic does not convert

Can you afford that?


Social media platforms are amongst the biggest players in today’s digital world. However, social media have one of the lowest ROI across all digital marketing activities.


The way to success:

  • Communicate the right message
  • With the right length
  • In the right way
  • To the right people
  • At the right time
  • On the right channel

Nailing all of the factors above might seem like an unmanageable and overwhelming task.

However, if you break down into smaller tasks it becomes more feasible so don’t lose hope and just keep reading.

The transparent data-driven approach

Most people fail doing one or more of these elements due to a lack of a transparent data-driven approach to their social media spending.

Canecto has solved this problem by developing the world’s first social media conversion tool.

It will tell you your optimal social media spending, based on learning from your websites converting.


You will get:

The tool will tell you exactly which strategy and platforms you should use in order to:

  • Create more attention
  • Build better relationships
  • Convert more customers
  • Which social media platforms performs the best for your business
  • On which platforms you are wasting your money
  • How to divide your attention and spending on each platform



Stop spending your marketing budget based on a gut feeling! A data-driven approach to your social media strategy is the way forth.

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