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Grow your site with confidence

Canecto is designed to let you understand what makes your customers become customers, what the best ways for you to get more customers are and to let you know where you are wasting your time and efforts

The smart way to get more online customers

Canecto belongs to a new generation of web analytics tools that utilize AI. This gives you a new set of options in knowing what the smartest ways for you to get customers online are. The technology will let you understand, manage, and improve all your marketing activtives in an easy and not-tech way.

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Business: Understand how to grow your business

Canecto lets you understand how your online actives are generating more customers to you, and suggest the best ways for you to improve them. You will get a comparable overview of both your traffic and onsite performance and growth options. So you know if more Google Ads, Facebook campains or writing better content on your site is the best you can do to get more customers.

Management: Save time, money and competences

Canecto has automated the web analytics process and this means you no longer need to waste time, money, or resources attempting to understand how your online marketing activities are doing. The finding are simply generated to you in a PDF report on your request.

Knowledge: Understand what it requires to take your site to the next level

You’ll quickly learn what drives users to make the actions that they do. So you will know if you should focus on traffic, communication, usability, or navigation to get more customers. And Canectos AI takes it one step further. It will tell you what you need to change, and where you have do it and why it matters. So you can run your site with confidence that you are putting your time and energy in where it matters the most.

Be smart: Use reports – not difficult tools

With Canecto, you don’t have to learn a new complicated tool. Everything you need to know is easily accessible and reports are sent directly to your in-tray. This is a business decision-making tool – not an application for specialists (you don’t need a degree just to get started!).

Your own web analytics specialist

Canecto performs a job that a dedicated and highly educated web analytics specialist would otherwise have done for you. With the big difference that you get the results when it suits you and to a fraction of the cost. And because Canecto uses advanced AI, the system is able to give you findings that not even the most skillful specialist would be able to identify.


Know if improvements in UX, Content, User Journeys, Social Media, Marketing and Remarketing will deliver the most extra conversions to you.

Tell me more

Let me know how I can use AI to to understand, manage and improve my site.


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