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Multiple Sites

The multiple sites package allows to use all of Canecto’s features on up to 5 websites. You can access the tool via a system user that you create after ordering the product. The Multiple Sites solution stores your data for up to 6 months. The tool allows you to make analyzes of up to 100,000 pageviews per. month. The package follows access to online support and access to our discussion and FAQ listings.

Three types of payment

You can choose to try the product for 3 months, it’s free and you should not give up credit card information. Then you can choose to print as a paying user. You can already sign up as a paying user. You will receive the first 90 days for free and you can choose if you wish to pay on a regular basis each month or if you prefer a payment and an invoice once a year.



You have lots of content on your website, but do you know what matters most to your users and their behavior, and do you know what it makes sense for you to focus on right now?


The to-do list is the place where you continuously keep track of which pages on your site should be changed based on specific recommendations for, for example, longer texts or more photos.


The content your user reads about on your website is a mirror of their general interest in your company and your products.

The Converter

The Converter tool tells you which patterns in user behavior on your site are most important to users behavior. The tool also tells you what you make the most of changing to optimize your site’s conversion rates.


If you have questions about the product, please contact us by mail or phone: 0045 71 92 60 00

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