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Automated analytics

The only analytics you will ever need! Get insights and recommendations for your website and social media initiatives and start converting more customers.

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Look beyond traffic

Canecto looks beyond the conventional traffic analytics, and gives you knowledge in the areas that matter for a digital marketer:

Social media

Analytics for your social media platforms efforts. Get a transparent picture of the efficiency of your advertising and overall initiatives on social media. This feature help you to create most ideal journey for your users on social media

user journey

Improve your user journeys and increase your conversion rate. This feature enables you to optimize the most critical user journey on your website. For anyone who prefer to make data-driven improvements instead of guessing what to do next.



Get an overview the quality of your content. You will get insights into which content help you convert customers and which content have the opposite effect. The perfect tool for content marketers.


We analyse all of the traffic on your website so you don’t have to. The traffic feature contains all the necessary traffic data. It also gives you ‘the hottest leads’ allowing you to focus on targeting selected target markets who are most likely to convert.

Is this for me?

Canecto is designed for companies who would rather focus on running their business instead of analyzing endless amounts of data.

Save time

We analyse all of your data for you so you don’t have to spend time on analyzing endless data. Spend your time on what you do best!

data-driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions instead of acting on a gut feeling. Get insights on how to improve your website

save money

Automate your analytics process and save money. No intermediaries means less expenses and cheaper analytics.

Canecto is a global success

We are trusted by companies in more than 60+ countries all over the world

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