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Canecto’s technological design is different from all other web analytics tools available on the market today. There are many good reasons for that. However, the most important one is that we aim to be able to provide Canecto users with insights and recommendation on their users’ behavior on their website.

The “Why questions”

To be able to do so requires that the technology is designed to provide answers to “why” questions, such as:
• Why have users clicked on a link
• Why have users spent time on a page
• Why have users downloaded a PDF

Common to all areas is that Canecto provides answers to the factors that have influenced users’ behaviors. The insight into this allows Canecto’s users to understand what is relevant to the behavior of users.


The technology can also answer: “What do I need to do,” which are Canecto’s recommendations:

• What do I need to do, for more users to click on the important links on my site?
• What is needed for users to spend even more time on a page?
• What do I need to do for more users to download a key PDF on my site?

The answers here provide the Canceto’s practical recommendations for how the various business goals can be optimized, based on insights into the patterns and trends that lie behind users’ use of the website.

The Technology

Our technology is designed to provide answers to these and a lot of other questions that provide an understanding of the use of a website. It makes us different from all other analytics tools that only seek to describe the behavior of users, and it is then up to the user of the tool to conclude what it matters to users.

Canecto, on the other hand, has automated the analysis process. We have done that because the patterns of usage behavior in many cases give the business answers you want when a website is to be optimized against given business goals, as illustrated by “when the questions.”

Patterns and Machine Learning

Canecto uses pattern recognition system looks at user behavior. The system looks at a lot of parameters and can select those that are most important to a business goal. Our technology can explore the extreme complexity and identify contexts that would be impossible for a person to be able to interpret and interpret.

There are no other web analytics tools that can. To achieve that, we have developed a technology that makes it possible to work with concrete content elements on a website, as well as making it possible to interpret the relationships between content elements and actual users’ behavior on a site.

This is done by using advanced Machine Learning algorithms that Canecto has developed and which we have patented.

The future

Right now, we only use the insights from our technology to provide insights and recommendations for how concrete business goals can be met. However, there is a great potential also to predict the behavior of users based on the patterns we see in their interaction with the website. For example, it will make it possible to make exact recommendations for what a particular user should be presented to on a site, such as relevant content, a personal menu structure, or suggestions for products in a sales situation.


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