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Who is Canecto for?

Canecto is designed for Web Masters and web editors in smaller companies. The people who work with online marketing and communication.

Their work

Their work is focused on making their business website better.
They focus on online marketing to ensure that the right customers come into the site and that they do the actions they want them to, for example: sign up for a newsletter, use a contact form or buy a product.

They also look at how their site’s content is performing and makes sure that their website is readily applicable and accessible to their users.

The Problem

To solve such tasks, it requires webmasters to have data supporting their decisions. The problem for our target audience is that they are not experts in web analytics and that they have many other tasks to look into. Their thoughts on web analytics are often:

  • Website analytics are incredibly complicated, and at best leave you with a mass of data to analyze, interpret and act on.
  • Tracking clicks and scrolling behavior doesn’t give you an accurate picture of how website visitors interact with your website’s content.
  • It all takes too long, and it’s too hard – in the end you probably just give up.

To overcome the obstacles, our customers often buy analyzes at agencies and experts or act in blindness and work without structured insight into the behavior of their customers.

The solution

Canecto is the answer to such problems. We let our customers:

  • Focus on what’s important: Canecto software tells you exactly which pages you need to improve, and the elements on the pages you need to change to ensure your website performs at its best.
  • Designed for you, not for experts: No more frustration trying to understand how analysis tools work and puzzling over how to interpret complicated data.
  • Out of the box recommendations: With Canecto, you get a simple overview of what you need to do next to help your website connect intimately with your audience.

There are no competitors who have a directly comparable product because the other web analytics tools all require expert knowledge to apply them and our target group is not.

The Marked

The market for such services is huge. As an example, the expenditure on Online Marketing in 2016 was 194 mia. USD, and more than 100 million works with med insights from web analytics worldwide.


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