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Do you know how to improve your online business?

Canecto does

Get predictive analytics reports – to you, your boss or your clients

The reports give you a transparent overview of your potential performance across all your digital efforts. This allows you to zoom in on the areas which make the most sense for your business in order to achieve the best results.

Canecto does the analytics, so can you take action

The report helps improve your website and digital initiatives. It is done by providing an overview of which improvement options you may have and what it takes for you to implement them. You can use the report as a step-by-step guide and within all four areas of the report you will know:

  • How much new business can you get gain within the specific area

  • Which specific actions you need to take

  • What the predicted result of the suggested actions is

It is easy to get started

Canecto works on all web platforms and takes less than one minute to install.


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