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All the findings you need to grow your
online business in one report

Know where your best growth options are today

The growth report

Know if best growth options are converting users on your site or if you are better off focusing on getting more traffic.


The Growth Report

The Growth Report is divided into 6 core areas covering both your onsite conversions and traffic growth options.


How does your content work for you?

Understand the effect of yor content from your users’ point of view. Get to know what content drives conversion, what content creates loyalty and engagement. This information will help create the more engaging content in the future.

User Journey

Zoom in on those that matter

Identify which user journeys on your website have the most significant improvement potential. The insights allow you to focus on the areas that matter the mostand which changes will have the highest impact on your conversions.

User Experience

Is you website structure right?

Discover how to improve the user experience on your website. Find out which UX changes will help convert more users and get actionable recommendations on how to implement these changes.


Get the most out of your budget

Get an overview of your digital marketing initiatives. Know which efforts drive the most conversions and get recommendations on how to increase the conversion rate. Identify the ideal remarketing strategy depending on your individual target page.

Social Media

Social media effectiveness

Find out which social media strategy is the most efficient for your business. Get actionable recommendations on how to spend your time and efforts in order to convert more customers.


Are you getting the right traffic?

Get a quick and effortless overview of all your inbound traffic and how it converts. This will give you the essential traffic information.

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