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Get predictive analytics reports – to you, your boss or your clients

The new way of dooing reporting

Canecto offers a completely new way of doing reporting. The conventional web reports look back at your data and it is then up to you to figure out how to improve your business from the historical findings.

Preditive analytics

The Canecto report is based on predictive analytics. This means it does not tell you how things were, it will tell you how things can be.

Know your options

The report will let you know the different options you have for improving your online business. It event suggest your best action points and predicts the output of the recommendations.

Stop guessing

So, you base your online growth on your predicted improvement options, not historical data, guesswork or expert opinions.

How to work with the report

We know that your choice is always how to balance getting the right traffic into your site and make the site convert the best possible way.

So the report lets you compare your improvement options so you can focus where it makes the most sense for you right now. The report is based upon four different areas:

  • Traffic

  • Social Media

  • User Journeys

  • Content improvements

Report guide

Go to the guide and learn how to get the most out of your Canecto reports.

Make informed decisions

For each of the four areas, the report will let you know how many more converting users you can get, and what actions it requires of you. This will let you know:

  • How much new business can you get gain within the specific area

  • Which specific actions you need to take

  • What the predicted result of the suggested actions is

So you can decide if your time right now is better spent improving your user journeys than boosting your social media profile.

The core of the report is the index page that lets you know your options in relation to each other. So you know where to zoom in.

Predictive analytics will change the way you do web analytics

Everybody is talking about predictive analytics as the next thing in AI. But how great is it, and can it really be used to automate the analytics process or is it just another tool for experts? Learn what it means for a Digital Marketer in this walkthrough.

The four areas of the report


Get the most of out of your budget

Your digital marketing efforts are designed to drive users to your website.
The Canecto marketing recommendations let you know where it makes the most sense for you to focus your efforts while getting the most out of your marketing budget.

The most significant improvement potentials

The algorithms analyze all your data and spots the areas with the most significant potential to increase conversions through digital marketing initiatives.
It will tell which marketing platforms perform the best and how to divide your efforts to obtain the best result.

Social Media

Know how Social Media convert into sales

It is easy to get the branding information you need. All social media platforms provide easy access to how well your brand is creating engagement and traction among your users on their platform.

However, they don’t tell you how well your activities on social media convert into sales. The measurement of real performance on social media platforms isn’t transparent.

Social Media Effectiveness

This problem is solved in your Canecto report. The report monitors the effectiveness of your social media. It identifies the areas amongst all your social media activities where you have the best option of gaining the most customers.

User Journeys

Don´t spend time understanding user journeys

Most user of any site drops out in the journey towards the goals of the site. Canecto has identified your best options to improve the pages in your user’s journeys.

It means that you do not need to spend time understanding your user’s journey and look for where it makes the most sense for you to improve it.

Zoom in on the onces that matters

Your Canecto report has automatically identified the pages on any of your journeys that makes the most sense for you to look at.

The pages have been selected because they are essential to your users converted to the goal and because the algorithms have learned that improving the pages will affect your conversion.


How does your content work for you?

You know that more than anything, your content is what drives your users to take action on your website. But you probably do not understand how your content works for them.

You can get help understanding how your content motivates your users to take action by using the content page of your report.

What content makes your users convert?

It will tell you what content was essential to your converting users to take action and the same for your not converting users.

So you know what matters, and what topics could be turning your users off. The insights will help you to zoom in on making your site more relevant to your users.

More on Content analytics

Get the latest news on Content Analytics in our Content Analytics blog.

Be better at your job!

Save time

Don’t waste your time analyzing data or trying to figure out what to do next. Canecto tell you exactly how to reach your goals.

Get valuable weekly reports

Get a quick weekly overview of your efforts and which steps to take next. The reports are full of actionable recommendations for your business.

Forget the middleman

The weekly reports are easy to understand and implement from. This allows you to be in control so you don’t have to pay or wait for external help.

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