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Know how well your website is working for you

Improve your website

The Canecto Website Review is designed to help you understand how well your site is supporting your business. So you can make informed decisions on how much effort you will put into improving your site, and where you should focus.

The report will guide you through the improvement process and let you know what your options are so that you can make informed choices on what will grow your business the most, and where you are ok with your current efforts.

Your benefits and cost

The overview page let you know what value your potential can get out of different areas of your website improvement options, so you can select the improvement area that will create the most overall value to you.

Most of the improvement areas show how many extra conversions they potentially can generate to you. So you can compare all the potential value they can give you across all your improvement options and select the ones with most potential.

On-site and Off-site

The dynamics of onsite and off-site improvements are very different. Getting more (paid) traffic to your site is simple. However, the effect will be short. Most often, when you stop the campaigns, the user flow will fade out.

The On-site issues are often more complicated to fix. They have to do with how your users interact with your content and how they navigate through your site. Any problems here are more difficult to spot and fix. However, if you succeed in doing so, then you will have created a proper long-term fix for your website.

Your site vs. your peers

Know where you are different from your peers

Is getting 20% of your conversions from SEO a great result if the average from your peers is 40%? The Peer review gives you perspective on how your results are comparing to your peers. The Website review report lets you know what factors explain why you are different. So you the reason why your SEO score is low at what to change to improve it.

Know why you are different than your peers

The conversion pages let you know how your profile is compared to your peers.
It highlights the two areas where you can improve the most. It will explain why you are performing less well than your peers.

Know how to catch up to your peers

The section if the report gives you specific suggestions to how you can best improve the areas where you are lagging the most. If you, for example, are getting less conversion from SEO. Then the finding might be that the reason is that your SEO users are spending less time on your site than an average peer SEO user does. So you would know that getting more traffic from SEO is not the answer to getting more SEO conversion. Making better content is the way to drive your conversion from SEO up.

On-site improvements

How to work with onsite improvments

Onsite improvements help you to get people to relate to your site’s content, so they convert to your site’s business goals. You can do this is three different ways:

  • Content interaction: Getting your users to interact with your site’s content
  • User Journeys: Optimizing the most important journeys
  • UX: UX helps eliminate the errors on your site that keeps your users from understanding your communication messages

Know where to focus and what to improve

These 3 areas work together in helping you improve your content:

The user journey will tell you where your problems are.

Content interaction will show you how your communication is perceived.

The UX section will let you know if your design supports your connection so you can get ideas as to where your communication problems are and how to fix them.

User Journey

Identify what pages you need to improve

You use User Journeys as a way to identify where you need to make improvements on your site so you can increase your site’s ability to convert.

The User Journey tells you the pages and paths your users took on their way to a goal on your site. Knowing this helps you to identify what pages you need to improve.

Know the pages that have the most improvement potential

The first step is to know which pages to improve in the core journeys that your users take on your website.

The Website Review Report lets you know where you can gain the most in your effort to boost your site’s conversion rate. This is done by enabling you to find pages that have the most significant potential of making your non-converting users convert, and at the same time have considerable improvement potential.

Know what to change on the pages to get the highest effect

When you have identified where on the journey you can improve the most, the next question you must ask is, “What do I need to change on the relevant pages to make them convert better?” You can get in-depth knowledge of this by combing the findings from the Content and UX sections in the Growth Report.

The Content section will tell you what motivated your converting users to take the actions they did. This provides insight on the communication that worked for you in converting your users. Consider doing more of it.

The UX part will show you what you need to change on the page to make it work better for you in more practical terms. It will let you know if elements like your tone of voice and text length are working best for your users.


People make decisions on what they read or hear

Getting your content right is without a doubt the most essential area of getting your site to perform. Areas that help you understand why your users take action are:

  • What content motivated the converting users to take action
  • What content made your users come back to your site
  • What content motivated your users to stay on your site
  • What your users read mirrors their impression of you

It is not what you write, it is how you are read that matters

Marketing a website is a familiar way of generating more traffic. However, the quality of your marketing generated traffic will vary greatly. Knowing which elements of your marketing generated traffic that produces conversion is the key to this traffic stream.

Know how to improve your content

Understanding how your users receive your content gives you a foundation to improve it in a data-driven way. This can be done in several ways:

Do more of what works! Scale up on the areas that work well for you. Perhaps write more content in the same style.

You can also use the findings as input to your pages on the user journey where you have the most improvement potential. It could be relevant to use content topics that you know perform well in the pages as a part of keeping your users’ interest.


Eliminate communication errors on your site

UX helps eliminate errors on your site that keep your users from understanding what you are communicating to them. UX consists of three core areas:

Navigation: How do your users navigate your site? Do you have a logical menu structure and relevant content links?

Engagement: How are your users interacting with your content? Do they scroll on your pages, and how many clicks do they need to make the desired actions?

Content: How do users perceive your content? Is it acceptable and written in a way they can understand and relate to?

Know what matters to your users and where your biggest communication issues are

Until now, UX changes on a website required expert experience. This is no longer the case. The Growth Report lets you know where the UX changes have the most effect; it tells you what you must change to improve your site the most.

When you have identified where on the journey you can improve the most, the next question you must ask is, “What do I need to change on the relevant pages to make them convert better?” You can get in-depth knowledge of this by combing the findings from the Content and UX sections in the Growth Report.

Data-driven content corrections – out of the box

Getting valid input to UX changes used to be a costly affair that involved experts, users and lengthy test flows. This is no longer the case. The AI of the Website Review Report monitors patterns in your user’s behaviour and is able to give you findings and recommendations out of the box.

Off-site improvements

Getting the right traffic to your site

The Offsite area is about getting the right users to your site in the most efficient way. You can do this in 3 different ways:

  • Marketing: Use your brand, SEO, content marketing, or paid campaigns to get users
  • Social Media: Activities on social media can be an effective way of generating traffic
  • Re-Marketing: Getting users back to your site can be done via remarketing campaigns

Know how to maximise business and minimise cost

The goal of the offsite actives is to get as much business out of the actives that perform to attract users to your site. The section helps you improve your offsite actives by letting you know:

  • If you have the right marketing mix
  • If the calibration between your activities are the most optimal What are your best improvement options are


Why should you work with marketing?

Marketing a website is a familiar way of generating more traffic. However, the quality of your marketing-generated traffic will vary greatly. Knowing which elements of your marketing-generated traffic produce conversion is the key to optimising this traffic stream.

Are you getting the most out of your efforts?

The report will let you know how well your current marketing efforts are performing. Comparing the findings in the report with the time and effort you spend on marketing will let you know if it is worth what you invest in it.

Know how much more business you will get before you implement your actions!

Canecto’s AI algorithms will scan your user activities and look for your best-performing target groups. Based on these learnings, it will then suggest your best-performing target groups.

This makes it possible to predict the outcome of a marketing activity even before you implement it. The AI algorithms will actually be able to tell you what you need to do, and what you could expect of it … before you actually do it.

Know if your focus is right

Your output from the marketing section will both let you understand if your current spending is wise and let you know if you have potential segments that will outperform the results that you are currently getting.

Social Media

Understand the effectiveness of your activities

Content on social media or campaigns can be an engaging way of generating traffic to your site. However, it can be a costly way, too, so you need to understand the effectiveness of your activities.

Know if your time spent on social media is worth it

The Website Review Report monitors how well your social media channels drive traffic to your site. It also shows you how much traffic ends up converting into sales.

This provides you with an out-of-the-box overview of how your social media efforts are performing. All you have to do is define which goals you would like your users to take on your website. The report does the rest for you.

Know what to expect from your social media campaigns before you run them!

The technology behind the Website Review report uses an AI technology called Predictive Analytics. It makes it possible to identify your best social media options.

This means that you get specific suggestions on the best way to increase your sales from social media. The tool even predicts how much more sales you can get out of your social media efforts if you follow the suggested recommendations. This way, you will know the effect of your efforts before you even implement them.

Know if your Social Media focus is right

Your output from this will be the ability to understand if you are exploring your social media options in the most optimal way, both when it comes to your current activities and your most optimal improvement options.


Why should you work with Re-marketing?

Re-marketing (also called re-targeting) is a way of getting previous users to come back to your website. You do this via re-marketing campaigns, either on social media or traditional ads.

Knowing the optimal period is the key

Re-marketing is a useful, but also costly, strategy. The cost of a re-marketing click is usually significantly higher than the cost-per-click for a first-time user.

So knowing the ideal re-marketing period for each of your target goals is your key to using this approach the most efficient way.

Understand what works for you

The re-marketing section will help you understand how to do re-marketing the most effectively by letting you know:

– What are the optimal re-marketing periods for each of your goals?

– What split of sources will give you the best output?

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