You manage all aspects of your website. Your need a tool that would manage your analytics like you would.

Canecto is an AI Assistant that monitors your users’ interaction on your website. It gives you actionable web management findings based on AI algorithms that learn how your users interact with your website.

You then receive recommendations from these findings on how to improve your site, or as insights that can help you decide what to change and improve.

The results are delivered to you as targeted reports or in a web application.



Because your time is better spent improving your website than puzzling over web analytics


Canecto analyzes your users’ behavior and onsite interactions and gives you recommendations on areas that are of value to the management of your online business.


Canecto keeps you informed on key metrics of your website’s performance by giving you actionable insights on areas such as Traffic Performance or User Conversions.

NEW FEATURE: Reports will be launched in February

Get a set of predesigned reports that cover the most important aspects of your website’s performance:

24 Hours in 60 Seconds: Your daily status report with core traffic data and updates if you need to take action for significant changes.

The Ten Minutes Report: Your weekly overview of core elements on your website. This report focuses on traffic trends, user behavior, and areas of interest.

The 2-hour Report: This report gives you a fundamental insight into how your website is performing on all core elements and can be used as the foundation for any change or development of your site.



If you what to improve your website in a professional, fact-driven way, you need to have a wider perspective on the core elements of your website. Most web analytics tools just look at traffic, but for the best results, you need to look deeper.

User Journeys: Boost your conversion based on an understanding of your users’ behavior and intentions.

User journeys give you insights into where to improve the user’s experience and lets you know what motivated your converting users. This enables you to both improve your navigation and also sharpen your messaging.

Together, these insights will boost your conversion in ways that would never be possible with only the GUI components that regular AB tools, heatmaps and conventional funnel analysis would let you do.

User Journey – content converts

Forget the Funnels – here is why

Know your user’s intentions – and understand why the converted

Take control of your Site Traffic

Manage the quality of your traffic. Canecto gives you insights into the actions of the users who support your business goals and identifies the visitiors who you will never be able to convert into customers.

You will receive recommendations on segment selections and insights into the quality of your traffic, resulting in a level of transparency that you cannot get with the conventional web analytics tools.

Get to know how to transform your users into customers

Content Quality: As your users want it

The quality of your content has never been more critical. Your users expect you to deliver your text, pictures or videos in the ways that they want. You need to know things like the right length and the right tone. If you don’t deliver on this, they might leave you and never come back.

Canecto AI algorithms automatically identify the pages with the most quality improvements and let you know what to change to make it perform better.

Honestly, do you really know what interests your users?

Your users’ interests are constantly changing. New areas of interest come on fast and what you thought was of core interest to your audience could be considered irrelevant to them faster than you realize. Ask any social media expert and they will tell you that their most complicated task is to keep their users engaged in an ever-changing landscape.

The feature lets you know your users’ interests in five core areas, such as trending user interest or the most declining user interest on your site.


Take action on areas that matters

Traffic Quality

Canecto monitors your website and delivers actionable web management insights and recommendations to you on core features that covers all aspect of your website management:

  • Site

  • Traffic

  • Monitor traffic trends
  • Optimize campaign ROI
  • Improve traffic conversion rates
  • Daily insights e mail
  • Weekly Recommendation Report
  • User

  • Journeys

  • Understand and optimize user journeys
  • Improve onsite conversion rates
  • Daily insights e mail
  • Weekly Recommendation Report
  • Content

  • Quality

  • Site content quality overview
  • Specific page content improvements
  • Weekly Recommendation Report
  • User

  • Interest

  • Understand user behaviour and preferences
  • Trending user interest areas
  • Most significant user interest areas
  • Descending user interest areas
  • Weekly Recommendations Reports

Advanced AI, machine learning and visitor interaction

The key to Canecto’s success is the cutting edge, patented technology humming away under the covers.

Advanced AI: Canecto uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse how your users interact with your website’s content.

Content interaction: Understanding your user’s journey when they visit your website is the best foundation for making your site more relevant, targeted and optimised.

User patterns: Learned patterns of user behaviour inform our analysis and recommendations, and ensure you deliver what your users care about most

Canecto is the easy to use, patented software that employs cutting edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to understand how visitors interact with your website’s content

Why wait?

Don´t try to lean the complexity of web analytics

Don´t Guess on what to improve on your site

Don´t spend time on the analytical process

Use an AI assistant to do your web analytics so you can get back to running your business