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The best actions come from predicted outcomes


Get a transparent overview of your digital performance in comparison to your actual business goals.


Canecto calculates millions of different actions to find the ones with the highest value to you.

Predicted results

Manage your digital initiatives based on predicted results, so your time is spent more efficiently.



Identify your most valuable marketing initiatives by receiving a transparent analysis of their performance and get detailed recommendations on how to convert more users.


You will get:

  1. An overview of the performance of your marketing initiatives
  2. Insights into which marketing channels work best for your business
  3. Step by step recommendations on how to convert more users

Social media

Analytics for your social media platforms performance. Get a transparent picture of the efficiency of your advertising and overall initiatives on social media. This feature helps you create most the ideal journey for your users on social media.


You will get:

  1. Insights into which social media platforms are performing the best
  2. Advice on how to retarget users and for how long it is cost effective for your business
  3. Step by step recommendations on how to convert more users from social media


Get an overview of the quality of your content. You will get insights into which content helps you convert customers and which content has the opposite effect. The perfect tool for content marketers.

The feature lets you know your users’ interests in five core areas, such as trending user interest or the most declining user interest on your site.


You will get:

  1. Insights into what content drives users to convert on your website
  2. Knowledge about which words don’t convert users on your website
  3. An overview of which words to use when you’re creating new content

User journey

Improve your user journeys and increase your conversion rate. This feature enables you to optimize the most critical user journeys on your website. For anyone who prefers to make data-driven improvements instead of guessing what to do next.


You will get: 

  1. An overview of the most common user journeys
  2. How to optimize your user journeys in order to convert more users
  3. Insights into where you gain the most from optimizing


We analyse all the traffic on your website, so you don’t have to. The traffic feature contains all the necessary traffic data. It also gives you the hottest leads allowing you to focus on targeting selected target markets which are most likely to convert.


You will get:

  1. A transparent overview of all of your traffic sources and how well they individually convert users
  2. Knowledge about how your users behave on your website
  3. Insights into trends in your traffic development

Download a sample report

You automatically get your weekly predictions as a beautifully designed PDF document in your inbox.

Be better at your job!

Save time

Don’t waste your time analyzing data or trying to figure out what to do next. Canecto tell you exactly how to reach your goals.

Get valuable weekly reports

Get a quick weekly overview of your efforts and which steps to take next. The reports are full of actionable recommendations for your business.

Forget the middleman

The weekly reports are easy to understand and implement from. This allows you to be in control so you don’t have to pay or wait for external help.

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Canecto works on all modern web platforms.