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Canecto is a web analytics tool that makes it possible to improve the quality of a website’s content.

We use a combination of proprietary Machine Learning algorithms and an AI enabled IT architecture to detect how user interactions with content can explain user behavior on a website.

Our technology opens up a new world of analytics insights that can help you improve your website in three significant areas:


We apply advanced pattern recognition algorithms of a sites user’s behavior to identify which content components can account for your user’s behavior on your site.  The output will tell you which content component such as text, video, links you should focus on to achieve your business goals. We call this feature the Dashboard.

User insights

The content your user reads about on your website is a mirror of their general interest in your business and your products. How much do you know about the hottest topics on your pages? What exactly is that? Is it that same as last week, and is there a difference in what different user groups seemed interesting?

Our algorithms monitor the user’s interaction with the content of your site and show the results in a series of easy to use word clouds. This feature is called the Radar.


Most site overs has set a series of Key Performance Indexes or business goals that they aim to achieve, such as newsletter sign up, PDF downloads ext.

Canectos Converter is designed to help understand the patterns of the user behavior. It can show the highest common factors among converting users and can show how they stand most out compared to non-converting users.

The understanding of the user behavior from the Converter makes it possible to continuously improve a sites conversion rate by identifying areas that are most important to the users in ways that are not possible with any current tools on the market today.

Knowledge base

For those of you who are interested in how this technology can improve your content and how it works, we have written a series of articles that unfold the potential of the technology.

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90 days free trial

The first 90 days are free and you will not need to provide payment card information. It’s easy to get started, all you need is to follow three steps.

Do you what to learn more of the product features?

The Radar

[dt_quote 0=””]Helps you gain user sights.


The Dashboard

[dt_quote 0=””]Helps improve the site quality.[/dt_quote]

The Converter

[dt_quote 0=””]Helps you achive your site goals.


The content your user reads about on your website is a mirror of their general interest in your company and your products. The radar gives you a picture of your users’ interest in your content as they experience it.

You have lots of content on your website, but do you know what matters most to your users and their behavior, and do you know what it makes sense for you to focus on right now?

The Converter tool tells you which patterns in user behavior on your site are most important to users behavior. The tool also tells you what you make the most of changing to optimize your site’s conversion rates.


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