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Automated Web Analytics

Canecto is a Automated Web Analytics Report that lets you understand exactly what makes your users convert and what you should focus on to get more conversions.

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Next Generation Web Analytics

Canecto belongs to a new generation of web analytics tools that utilize AI. Not only can you learn how to run your website more professionally, the technology allows you to understand, manage, and improve all aspects of your site.

Be smart: Use reports – not difficult tools

With Canecto, you don’t have to learn a new complicated tool. Everything you need to know is easily accessible and reports are sent directly to your in-tray. This is a business decision-making tool – not an application for specialists (you don’t need a degree just to get started!).

Management: Save Time, Money and Competences

Canecto has automated the web analytics process and this means you no longer need to waste time, money, or resources attempting to understand how web analytics work. The application will show you out of the box metrics and solutions to suggest a focus for your attention and investment.

Business: Understand How to Grow Your Business

Canecto is designed to give you specific insights into how your site can convert in the best possible way, and what you can do to enjoy stronger results from your website.

Knowledge: Understand What it Requires to Take Your Site to the Next Level

You’ll quickly learn what drives users to make the actions/decisions that they do on your website. Furthermore, the helpful recommendations allow you to see whether you should focus on communication, usability, or navigation for best results.

Your Own Web Analytics Specialist

Canecto performs a job that a dedicated and highly-educated web analytics specialist would otherwise do for you. Of course, the big difference is that you get the results when it suits you (and for a fraction of the cost!). Since Canecto uses advanced AI, the system is able to provide findings that not even the most skilled specialist would be able to identify.

Management features

Content features

Traffic features

David Hansen
Canecto really exceeded my expectations. It quickly became clear that I could never have made these findings myself. It goes a level deeper than your usual analytics.

— David Hansen

Client consultant, Webhunters

Anette Petesen
I really appreciate how easy it’s become for me to utilize my own data. It’s idiot proof because it's so tangible and hands-on.

— Anette Petesen

CMO, Studio 12

Ruth Johansen
I get the growth reports weekly and I have since improved my conversions by nearly 20%.

— Ruth Johansen

Marketing Manager, Skovhuggerne

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